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Nintendo short A Hug From Kirby is making us crave a Kirby cuddle

A Hug From Kirby is the latest tale in the It’s Kirby Time series, with the Nintendo darling teaching us a little something about love

Screenshot from A Hug From Kirby with Kirby giving a girl a big hug

The latest in the series of It’s Kirby Time Read-Alongs is here, with A Hug From Kirby delivering the perfect message of love for Valentine’s day. As ever, the clip’s intention is as a reading activity for younger audiences, but that doesn’t mean us fully grown adults don’t want to spend a little extra time with the star-surfer too. I mean, just look at him.

The short clip tells the tale of Adeleine, a young girl in love, and her friend Kirby. Adeleine explains the concept of love to our pink puffball pal, who then goes on a hugging crusade, embracing all those he meets (which makes a nice change from ingesting them). Even King Dedede gets a cuddle from the Kirbster in this universe, with the bird baddie looking quite uncomfortable with his nemesis wrapped around him like a snuggly blanket.

After Kirby cuddles just about everyone on Planet Popstar, he finds his way back to Adeleine. The second meeting is a little different, with Kirby this time teaching the little girl something about love, and how it isn’t always perfect. Still, the scene ends with the pair painting happily together, with Adeleine adding that she will always love her special someone. I’m not crying. You are.

A Hug From Kirby is the sixth instalment in the It’s Kirby Time reading anthology, so if you haven’t seen the series before, there’s another five lovely tales to spend a little extra time with the star surfer. Better still, each tale has a lovely little piano accompaniment, making for a relaxing five-minute story to forget the pains of the day.

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With that, you’re up to date on Nintendo’s A Hug From Kirby short. For more of the pink puffball, check out our picks for the best Kirby games.