Discover A Space for the Unbound secrets in a behind-the-scenes video

Dive into the minds of A Space for the Unbound's creators with this look behind the scenes at the games setting, characters, and more

A Space for the Unbound video: two characters on a street with shops

The teams behind the loveable pixel-art indie A Space for the Unbound released a sneak peek video to show off their creative process, and it’s a joy

Get a glimpse into what A Space for the Unbound truly is and what you can achieve while strolling through its vibrant setting in this behind-the-scenes video. It, of course, includes petting every cat you see and giving them names.

The video shows us the webcomic created in collaboration with Kosmik, which accompanies A Space for the Unbound and gives a deeper look into the Indonesian culture and events surrounding the game. This includes revealing the setting that inspired the game – Surabaya, the capital city of East Java.

As with any behind-the-scenes look, we get to see some concept art and early builds of the game, showing how far the development came and how much work was truly put into A Space for the Unbound.

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