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New Angry Birds 2 character is the first fresh feathers in seven years

With a new Angry Birds 2 character arriving in Rovio’s hit title, we’ve got all you need to know about Melody, the gang’s new lead singer

Screenshot of the new Angry Birds 2 character Melody alongside the other birds

A new Angry Birds 2 character is flapping its wings – or lack of – into Rovio’s iconic title, with Melody, the songstress swift, arriving in the game this week. It’s the first new Angry Birds character in over seven years, with no sign of the angsty avians giving up the fight against the pigs anytime soon.

Melody arrives in Angry Birds complete with their own adventure to embark on, filled with new missions arriving in the game as part of the Melody Adventure event. With the unique ability of extreme suction to pull in bits of buildings and pigs before launching them back out in a barrage of debris, Melody is a perfect fit for the larger Angry Birds gang.

The addition of Melody to the game, as well as the release of the Pick Your Flock feature, which allows you to take any combination of Angry Birds to any level now, and means that you can perfect your pig-tipping playstyle whichever way you want. Just make sure to try them all out with the new Angry Birds 2 character to see how well they work together.

As to whether Melody will join the gang in the next Angry Birds movie is another question, but from the obvious camaraderie they share with the other avians in the trailer below, we wouldn’t be surprised to see them become a pivotal member of the gang.

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There you have it, all you need to know about Melody, the new Angry Birds 2 character. For more mobile greats and ways to play them, check out our picks for the best portable gaming consoles.