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These homemade Animal Crossing items are adorable

Animal Crossing DIY items are quite common, with the cosy Nintendo Switch game launching fans into creative realms that we’re big fans of

Animal Crossing DIY - two big headed cartoon characters stood by a workbench and some wood and rocks on the floor. On the right is a woman with grey hair in blue dungarees, arms aloft holding a hammer. On the left is a tanuki in an aloha shirt, looking suspicious.

Animal Crossing is an undoubtedly adorable videogame. It’s full of cute animal characters, beautiful seasonal changes, and dozens of different items to customise your home with. This sort of cutesy creativity has, unsurprisingly, led to lots of Animal Crossing DIY items made by fans.

Just a scan of r/AnimalCrossing can lead you down a rabbit hole of thoughts like “they could make a killing on Etsy with this sorta thing!” Though, of course, things like this take forever, and it’s much nicer as a passion project than a business, right?

Either way, they definitely would get my money. So, in my love for this sorta thing, I’ve collected a couple of my favourite AC DIY creations for you to take a look at. Once you’ve had a look, why not check out our feature on the rise of cosy games to find some more autumnal magic in this bleak winter?

Our favourite Animal Crossing DIY items

First up, there’s a stained glass Animal Crossing leaf. You know, that classic, elegant leaf that even got featured in the name of the best AC game? Yeah, this creation from JennyBead is wonderful, and I want one immediately.

Animal Crossing DIY - A reddit post on a mango background. The picture shows a glass leaf on a thin chain.

There’s also a gorgeous Bell bag from Maxi_Moo. Is that knit? Crochet? I don’t know, but it sure looks beautiful – and even has some stuff inside it!

Animal Crossing DIY - A reddit post on a mango background. The picture shows a sack with a star on it.

These two Animal Crossing DIY items are just from the last 24 hours, so there’s even more out there to find. If you’re looking for similar gaming vibes, check out our relaxing games guide to keep on taking it easy.