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Ayaneo reveals its new phase of retro consoles and accessories

Ayaneo CEO reveals the Ayaneo Remake concept that pays tribute to retro culture with a slew of new handheld consoles and accessories coming in 2024.

The Ayaneo Flip KB and DS sitting on white pedestals against a white background

If you loved the Nintendo DS, old-school Macintosh computers, and the Super Nintendo, Ayaneo’s Remake Concept is sure to intrigue you. During a recent livestream, Ayaneo’s CEO revealed a new range of handheld consoles and accessories that each pay tribute to retro culture with classic colors and styles reminiscent of the good ol’ days.

The most exciting announcements for us are definitely the Ayaneo Slide and Ayaneo Flip DS consoles. The Slide is a full-keyboard handheld with an ergonomic design, a six-inch display, and a custom-built cooling system. The Flip DS is reminiscent of the Nintendo DS, with a dual-screen design and the ability to play various dual-screen games. We hope to see these devices land on our best portable gaming consoles list soon.

Ayaneo also revealed the Retro Mini PC AM01, an absolutely adorable little computer with customizable hardware configurations, the Retro Mini PC AM02, and the Pocket DMG, a device that we didn’t get to catch a full glimpse of, but looks to be a solid competitor for the Analogue Game Boy devices.

The final announcement showed off the Retro Power Bank, a pocket-sized device that you can take with you everywhere to charge up your mobile phone on the go.

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We’re expecting to hear more information on the Slide towards the end of the month and the Retro Mini PC AM01 is set to officially release in mid to late November. For more content like this, check out our list of the best Game Boy games and best DS games you can pick up right now.