Badlanders is essentially Escape from Tarkov mobile, now open for pre-registration

October, 1: Badlanders has now opened for pre-registration globally.

Badlanders is a new survival game from mobile behemoth NetEase that recently entered closed beta in select regions. You’re dropped into a warzone and challenged to scavenge for supplies in order to repel enemy forces, with your ultimate goal being to acquire items with the highest value, then make your daring escape.

Dotted around the map are some all-important escape points for you to reach. If you manage to hold one down successfully, you’ll leave the battlefield with your gear intact. Niko Partners Senior Analyst Daniel Ahmad likened the game to Escape from Tarkov, a gritty first-person shooter that shot to popularity earlier this year. As Ahmad said in a recent Twitter thread, NetEase is especially skilled at bringing popular PC or console genres to mobile.

There are three distinct trading systems to make use of in Badlanders. Exchange, as the name suggests, allows you to purchase and sell some basic supplies. Prism gives you the chance to acquire more premium loot with enhanced attributes, and Auction lets you set your own prices and trade freely with other players.

Here’s a recent trailer:

It’s all about supply and demand, so you have to be smart about your pricing strategies if you want to make some decent cash. And you’ll need every penny you can get in order to insure your favourite items. Doing so will allow you to regain, for example, your preferred gun after a certain amount of time. That is unless someone steals it from your corpse.

The persistent loot system is largely what will set Badlanders apart from similar games on mobile, and it already sounds like an interesting spin on several established genres. For now, only Android players in the CBT regions can give it a go, but the game has in fact opened for pre-registration globally with a few exceptions. If you’re in Belgium, Taiwan, Vietnam, Mainland China, or any of the CBT areas, you won’t currently be able to pre-register.

Here are some handy links to Badlanders’ App Store and Google Play pages. The former lists its expected release date as October 24th. And, while you’re here, why not check out our list of the best mobile multiplayer games?