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Black Hole Hero guide: tips, tricks, and cheats

Get all the best tips in our Black Hole Hero guide

Do you ever miss the old days of GTA? Back when it was a simple case of rampaging and earning money. Well, Black Hole Hero feels like it’s taking a fair amount of influence from those older games. You play as a Deadpool-esque anti-hero rampaging through a metropolis, and just generally sowing chaos. This is partially because your character can summon black holes at will – a useful, yet destructive skill, to be sure.

There’s also plenty of other stuff to do in the open world city, whether that’s completing missions, taking on odd jobs, working as a hairdresser, or perfecting your skateboard game. But Black Hole Hero is a little confusing at first, and without weapons or armour, the difficulty spike is surprisingly high.

So that’s why we decided to create a Black Hole Hero guide. Whether it’s how to play Black Hole Hero, how to make money in Black Hole Hero, or how to get hold of the Black Hole Hero APK, we’ve got everything a budding anti-hero might need to rampage across a city.

here’s everything in our black hole hero guide:

black hole hero download: how to get it on android

Getting your hands on Black Hole Hero is easy – here’s how you do it:

  • Head to the Black Hole Hero Google Play page
  • Press ‘install’ to download the game
  • Wait for it to download
  • Press open to start playing!

black hole hero apk: how to bypass android app stores

APKs are a good tool for manually downloading updates – here’s how you get the Black Hole Hero APK:

  • Find an APK site that you can trust – APKPure is what we used for this example
  • Search Black Hole Hero on the APK site
  • Press to download the Black Hole Hero APK
  • Find it on your device and manually install
  • When it’s done you can start playing!

black hole hero pc: how to play on the big screen

Here’s what you need to play Black Hole Hero on PC:

  • Download Bluestacks for your PC
  • Once it downloads, press install
  • Sign in to your Google Play account
  • Search for Black Hole Hero
  • Click to install it
  • Start playing!

black hole hero online: can I play with friends?

It’s always fun to play online with friends, so can you play Black Hole Hero online? Unfortunately, the game doesn’t have an online mode. You’re just going to have to enjoy rampaging through the city streets all on your lonesome.


Getting started can be quite tough, so here’s how to play Black Hole Hero:

  • Money: money makes the world go round, and you’re going to need it buy pretty much everything in Black Hole Hero. Earn it by completing missions, doing jobs, and causing chaos
  • Missions: you can play these by finding people in the city with exclamation points above their head. Interact with them and you’re ready to go
  • Guns, guns, guns: you can buy guns, armour, and grenades from the gun store, which gives you a little more offensive capability
  • Powers: you are a hero after all. Use the buttons on the right to kick, explode, grapple, jump, fire lasers from your eyes, and summon a black hole

black hole hero tips, tricks, and cheats

Here are our best Black Hole Hero tips:

  • Take odd jobs: much like the older GTA games, interacting with an ambulance, a cop car, or a fire truck, gives you a job to perform which can earn you a bit of cash. Simply walk up to them and press the car symbol
  • Get a skateboard: skateboards are great for getting around the city, but they also just make you look cooler
  • Punching sucks: hand-to-hand fighting isn’t very useful in this game, and each time we tried to use it, we died. Use hand-to-hand as a last resort, instead favouring guns, grenades, black holes, and laser eyes
  • Use black holes wisely: you can’t just spam the black hole ability, so make sure you pick your targets. It’s better to blow up three cop cars than it is to get one random person.
  • Spider: just like Spider-man himself, you can climb up buildings – a useful skill for moving around the city
  • Don’t cause chaos: this sounds silly, since it’s obvious that causing mayhem is the name of the game, but if you try to straight away, you die very quickly. It’s better to get stronger first – do a few missions, get some guns and armour, and then go to town

black hole hero unlimited money: how to make money in Black Hole Hero

Cash is super important in this game, so here’s how to make money in Black Hole Hero:

  • Missions: by finding a character with an exclamation mark, you can do a mission and to earn a little money
  • Odd jobs: by using ambulances, firetrucks, and cop cars, you can make a little money on the side doing odd jobs
  • Rampage: good ol’ fashioned chaos. Just as in the old GTA games, causing chaos and killing people gets you some cash
  • Hacking ATMs: by playing a brief hacking mini-game where you have to match symbols, you can get a little money from ATMs
  • Ads: there’s an option on the storefront to watch an ad to earn some money. This lets you buy skins, weapons, and generally equip your hero before he heads into the big bad world

Those are all our tips! If you want to play Black Hole Hero for yourself, check out the ‘download’ section up above. Or if perhaps you want some other open world games to play, check out our list of the best mobile RPGs!