Blue Archive expands its story with the huge Volume Two expansion

Even more anime RPG goodness is coming to mobile, thanks to Blue Archive’s latest update

A female character with long blue hair looks back with a smirk

The popular anime RPG Blue Archive is receiving a huge Volume Two expansion, bringing all-new missions, areas, and reward campaigns. This thrilling new content lets players explore the Game Development Department of the Millenium Science School, and also introduces brand new characters, the twin sisters Midori and Momoi.

These new characters allow players to attack up to five enemies at once with Midori’s lethal EX skill, or to catch enemies with a surprise fan attack using Momoi’s special moves. You need those exciting new attacks to face brand new enemies, including the fresh raid boss Chesed, who is waiting for you in Total Assault.

If you log in between now and Tuesday, December 21, you will unlock 1,200 Pyroxenes and 80 AP for use in the exciting new expansion. Blue Archive’s Volume Two is live now, and the game itself is available to play for free on Android and iOS.

Check out the announcement below to see the latest characters and story changes in action!

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