Casetify iPhone 13 case review – Mr. Nice Case

We got our hands on one of the Mr Man X Casetify cases, and even Mr Clumsy himself couldn’t find a way to crack an iPhone with this thing

A selection of Mr. Men cases with Mr. Happy's yellow camping case in the middle of the screen

I got something in the post the other day, and it made me very happy. In fact, you could say it made me Mr. Happy, just like the adorable little Mr. Man adorned on my new Casetify case. You see, before, I was a little too much like Mr. Clumsy, and to cut a long story involving several smashed screens and battered charger ports short, something had to change. 

So now I am the smug owner of a Casetify iPhone 13 case, proudly displaying my love for Roger Hargreaves’ classic Mr. Men books while carrying the thing with the confidence that if it falls out of my useless mammal hands it might not crack into a million pieces on the pavement. Better still than that, it looks pretty nice too. 

My particular model has Mr. Happy strumming his guitar under scattered stars and a quiet crescent moon, something I’m quite partial to myself, so it’s nice to walk around with my own little mascot, as well as a nice little reminder that sometimes its better to smile. Of course, there’s a wealth of Casetify collaboration designs out there, from Stranger Things to Spongebob, so you can find your own perfect design.

For someone used to those cheap knock-off leather wallet things that you can get for next to nothing off Amazon, it’s nice to have both a visually appealing case and the protection that’s necessary for carrying around $500+ worth of easily breakable hardware. Once you get over having to carry both a phone and a wallet again – like the olden days, I know! – you won’t miss having anywhere to put your cards, and the little personality window you offer the people you meet makes up for it anyway. A black leather case says nothing fun. 

Mr Men Casetify case with Mr Happy playing his guitar in the center of the screen, surrounded by smaller images of Mr Happy

I found out the hard way, or the easy way in this case, that not only does the Casetify case look nice, but it does its job. It turns out my Mr. Clumsy sensibilities aren’t quite exorcised by the new case yet, as my case found out with a short trip down the stairs. Fortunately, there was no damage at all to my phone or its fancy new protective shield, and there was no reason to bring out Mr. Angry. 

In terms of usability, the plastic casing makes no difference at all in using the phone, with openings for the charger slot, speakers, and mute button. The main button on the right and volume controls are covered with smart little toggles that are perfectly ergonomic and don’t feel tacked on like some cheaper alternatives to Casetify’s plastic shell case. 

So, I’ll say it again, my Mr. Happy Casetify iPhone 13 case has me grinning from ear to ear like my name is Pharell. Now I don’t dread the deja vu moments of my iPhone falling out of my hands, because I don’t have to bend down to pick it up with the hope it’s still in one piece – I just know it’s going to be ok. Better still, half of the time Mr. Happy will be smiling back up at me as if to say “I got ya, buddy”, and I can work with that.