Get cosy this fall with the Cat Cafe Manager Harvest Stories update

On a cold day, we love to curl up with a warm drink and a cosy sim game, and the Cat Cafe Manager Harvest Stories update is a purrfect choice

Cat Cafe Manager Harvest Stories update art showing Hoover smiling

If you’re looking for a cute and cosy sim with plenty of kitties to pet as the colder months roll in, then Cat Cafe Manager is the purrfect pick for you. If its adorable characters, chill vibes, sweet decorations, and cute cats aren’t enough to pull you in at its base, then the new Cat Cafe Manager Harvest Stories update certainly will.

The fresh update offers a bunch of awesome autumnal features, from a huge expansion to the game’s story, to heaps of cute new furniture to reflect your seasonal spirit in your surroundings. Procure some pumpkins and keep the spooky season alive long after Halloween with the creepy-cute Spooky Harvest set, or bring back the beach and enjoy summer all year long with the Summer Beach set – or find a balance between both. The choice is yours.

Harvest Stories also adds a brand new character, Hoover, along with their intriguing curiosities shop, stocked with the new friendship furniture. Placing friendship furniture encourages your friends and regulars to come and hang out, engaging in all sorts of activities, from telling ghost stories to playing games.

Cat Cafe Manage Harvest Stories update furniture sets in two cafes

To sweeten the deal even further, Cat Cafe Manager Harvest Stories allows you to take your cat cafe outside with brand new outside floor tiles. If you’ve been jonesing for the chance to make a bustling, beachy bistro or a cosy, crackling campfire set up for your customers, now’s your chance.

The Cat Cafe Manager Harvest Stories update is free to all players who own a copy of the base game. Having dropped on Steam early October, we’re happy to see it finally make its way to Switch, and we can’t wait to explore the new content. To read all about the new changes that accompany the update, check out the patch notes on Steam. Or, if you need some more convincing before taking the plunge into this fabulous feline adventure, check out our Cat Cafe Manager review.