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Get some sweet treats with our Cookie Run: Kingdom giveaway

Our Cookie Run: Kingdom giveaway gives you the chance to grab yourself some merch, including a pin, hoodie, and jumper, so you can save the cookies in style

Cookie Run Kingdom key art

The Cookie Run franchise is one of the sweetest on mobile, and Cookie Run: Kingdom might just be the most popular thanks to its tasty RPG mechanics, but no matter which title it is that you play, one thing is certain – there’s an assortment of cookies that need your help, and it’s only right that you lead them to sweet, sweet victory.

In Cookie Run: Kingdom, for instance, you get to assemble a strong team to defend a kingdom that you create – it’s like you go to war with your very own baker’s dozen, and you can’t tell us that doesn’t sound like a sweet deal. There’s a cookie for everyone, no matter what your preference is.

Doesn’t that sound great? We think so, but you know what’s even better than simply playing Cookie Run? Sporting some great merch thanks to our Cookie Run: Kingdom giveaway and these goodies are quite delicious-looking, if we do say so ourselves, and a little bit adorable too. If you’re a fan of free stuff, check out our Cookie Run: Kingdom codes for more goodies.

In our Cookie Run: Kingdom giveaway, you can grab yourself a charming pin, a great bag, and a hoodie that looks so comfy and cosy that you just want to grab a glass of milk and some cookies…

Cookie Run: Kingdom giveaway

Our giveaway includes a pin, jumper, and bag for one lucky winner, all of which offer the same sweet feeling you get when you play Cookie Run. To enter, just fill out the box below, but make sure you read our terms and conditions first.

PT – Cookie Run: Kingdom giveaway

We’ll announce the winners next week – good luck, and we’ll soon see how the cookie crumbles! In the meantime, make sure you visit Google Play or the App Store to dive into one of the Cookie Run games today, or head on over to Juniper Creates and the collection store to pick up some of this gorgeous merch yourself.