Our Cris Tales Nintendo Switch console giveaway has now ended

You could get your hands on a custom Cris Tales Nintendo Switch console

A custom Cris Tales Nintendo Switch console

July 22, 2021: Our Cris Tales giveaway is now over. Keep an eye on your inbox to see if you won

Cris Tales is a colourful 2D turn-based RPG with a gorgeous hand-drawn world, whimsical story, deep mechanics, and some strategic turn-based combat. The game is set to launch on July 20, and is inspired by a range of classic JRPGs, such as Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy, and Persona.

In this title, you can experience the past, present, and future simultaneously, as time bends around your character in a story that travels through many different eras. You must learn from the past to decide on the actions you take in the present, and alter the course of the future to reshape the world around you.

For all those reasons and more, this week we partnered up with Modus Games to give away a gorgeous custom Cris Tales Nintendo Switch console along with a copy of the game! So, if you’re in the market for a beautiful new Switch to play Cris Tales on, make sure you enter our giveaway down below.

All you need to do to enter our giveaway is fill out the box below. Please note, this giveaway is only open to applicants in the UK! If you do enter, please also check out our terms and conditions.

PT – Cris Tales Nintendo Switch console giveaway

We will inform the lucky winner next Thursday. For those of you who want to pick up the game before then, you can grab a copy of Cris Tales right now from the Nintendo eShop. Good luck!