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Our Darkness Rises giveaway has now ended

Keep an eye on your emails to see if you were a lucky winner!

January 13, 2021: Our Darkness Rises giveaway has now ended. Check your emails to see if you were a winner

If you’re a person who enjoys the simple things, like running through a dungeon, blending your foes with whirling blades, or facing off against fearsome bosses, then Darkness Rises might be for you. This demon hunting RPG crosses the hack-n-slash of Diablo with challenging boss battles, as you hold the line against a seemingly endless wave of demonic incursions.

But you don’t have to go it alone. You can join a guild with your adventurer pals, and form a party to take the fight to those demon scoundrels, delving dungeons with your own customisable character. Darkness Rises is also currently running a collaboration with deadly duelling game, For Honor.

The event runs until March and adds new character costumes, modelled around the Kensei, Peacekeeper, Nobushi, Hulda, Warden, Raider, and Black Prior classes. Players can also expect to receive special rewards for completing missions and events, and can even claim For Honor pet eggs, themed around the Knight, Viking, or Samurai factions from the game.

To celebrate this new For Honor event, we’ve partnered with Nexon to give away some in-game loot. Here’s what each prize will get you:

  • 20,000,000 gold
  • 500 adventure keys
  • Five costume chests (rank A-S++)
  • Ten costume deco chests (rank A-S++)
  • 20 choice dye tickets
  • 20 EXP boost tickets

A veritable treasure trove for any adventurer! If you want to get your hands on this loot, simply fill out the entry box below. It’s important to note that we only have Android codes for this giveaway, but if you are an iOS user, do keep an eye out for our future weekly giveaways. Also please take a glance at our terms and conditions if you do choose to enter:

We’ll send the codes out to our winners next Thursday. If you want to start your own demon slaying career, you can find Darkness Rises on Google Play and the App Store. And for more games to sink your teeth into, try out list of the best mobile RPGs.