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Date a Live: Spirit Pledge tier list - Natsume

All spirits ranked in our Date a Live: Spirit Pledge tier list

October 21, 2020 We’ve updated our Date a Live: Spirit Pledge tier list with new spirit, Natsume!

Our Date a Live: Spirit Pledge tier list takes the guesswork out of choosing your favourite spirit. Well, unless you’re judging purely on cosmetics, as that’s not the focus of this guide. We’re more interested in the statistics, to help you find the top performing spirits that will make short work of any battle.

Our process was to assess each character’s performance in a range of different areas, though primarily in the roles of DPS, support, and defence, or tanking. We then picked the top performers based off this research, with characters that perform the best in their individual roles, or can multi-role, sitting closer to the top. The winners, and losers, were very clear to us by the end.

Once you’ve picked the character you’re aiming for, you can use our Date a Live: Spirit Pledge reroll guide to ensure that you start with the best possible spirit, which you can determine below. Following that, you can check out our complete Date a Live: Spirit Pledge guide to help get you started. Finally, we’ve got a lost of the most recent Date a Live: Spirit Pledge codes to help you get free in-game rewards. You can also find similar games like this in our best mobile RPGs list.

Date a Live: Spirit Pledge tier list – All spirits ranked:

Date a Live: Spirit Pledge tier list – S

Crimson Nightmare Kurumi

We’ve had to create a whole new tier for Crimson Nightmare Kurumi, as she’s just that powerful. Previously, the original Kurumi form dominated our list, but has since been joined by Inverse Tohka and Ice Princess Yoshino.

This new version of Kurumi is just an absolute powerhouse though, and we feel like she’s just a tad too powerful to go in the same tier as the former bests.


We’ll update this list as soon as we learn more about Crimson Nightmare Kurumi’s skillset.

Date a Live: Spirit pledge tier list – A

Inverse Tohka

With a passive Dark Spirit ability, which triggers an Energy Explosion every ten attacks, and the ability to switch between two different forms, Inverse Tohka is a powerful and deadly spirit.


  • Dark Spirit: every ten attacks, Inverse Tohka triggers an Energy Explosion, which increases her penetration, critical rate, and critical damage for ten seconds
  • Nahemah: deals 70-110% dark damage three times
  • Hollow Slash: deals 300% dark damage across four slashes
  • Dark Blade: deals 300% dark damage across two slashes
  • Futile Effort: deals 650% dark damage across four hits
  • Switch form: transforms between Nahemah and Paverschlev
  • Ultimate Sword: deals 1,600% dark damage in a frontal AoE attack


Kurumi Tokisaki

This powerful spirit manipulates time itself to deal damage to her foes.


  • Passive: Kurumi’s skills cost Time, which regenerates at three points per second
  • Zafkiel’s Handles: three hits that deal 80% damage each
  • Spinning Slide: deals 45% AoE damage per hit
  • Sky Barrage: four hits that deal 60% damage each
  • Shooting Gallery: five hits that deal 72% damage each and temporary invincibility
  • City of Devouring Time: replenishes time and damages all nearby enemies
  • Zafkiel: The Emperor of Time: fires nine shots at all enemies for 122% damage each

Ice Princess Yoshino

Yoshino’s full form, Ice Princess Yoshino is considerably more powerful.


  • Passive: Yoshino generates an ice crystal every ten seconds, up to a maximum of six. She can fire as many as she wants without cooldown, provided they are available
  • Ice Spears: attack all enemies with up to three ice spears, dealing 240% damage
  • Ice Projectile: deals 360% ice damage and has a 5% chance to inflict frostbite
  • Glacier Eruption: deals 400% ice damage and has a 5% chance to inflict frostbite
  • Brave March: deals 400% ice damage and has a 5% chance to inflict frostbite
  • Neverending Iceland: deals 1,300% ice damage


An intriguing spirit that can swap between adult and child forms at will, boosting her attack power and defence each time. It’s a fun play-style for those that like to keep up the pace.

Child form skills:

  • Broken Star Scatter: deal 200% magic damage across three attacks
  • Transform: change to adult form
  • Magic Star Prison: push enemies back and deal 300% AoE magic damage
  • Moe Mobilization: transform enemies into a rabbit, hamster, or panda, reducing defence, critical resistance, and dodge by 10% respectively and dealing 300% magic damage
  • Pseudo-Sandalphon: deal 1,600% physical damage

Adult form skills:

  • Magic Sphere: deal 250% magic damage across three attacks
  • Transform: change to child form
  • Astral Walk: deals 600% magic damage
  • Syndicate of Doom: deals 400% magic damage
  • Creation of the Witch: deals 2,400% magic damage


Shekinah Tohka

A powerful spirit that wields two different swords, swapping between them or dual-wielding them depending on the circumstances.


  • Twin Blade: deals 200% physical damage
  • Spinning Slash: deals 120% holy damage
  • Sword Dance: deals 300% physical damage in a straight line
  • Falling Star: deals 135% holy damage
  • Spiritual Burst: provides a 10% attack power and defence buff for eight seconds, stacking up to three times
  • Dimensional Judgement: deals around 2,500% holy damage throughout the arena

Miku Izayoi

A musician at heart, Miku can trigger special effects after performing eight attacks.


  • Passive: Miku’s skills fill a note bar that, when full, causes the next skill to deal 30% more damage and hit all enemies
  • Gabriel: deals 90% damage three times
  • March: deals 90% AoE damage three times
  • Rondo: deals 200% damage
  • Solo: deals 400% AoE damage
  • Gabriel: Requieum: deals up to 1,500% damage



A magician that gains in power as she uses skills.


  • Passive: Ellen’s skills cost Magic, a resource that ranges from zero to 100 points. For each point of Magic in her possession, Ellen deals 0.2% extra damage and has 0.1% extra penetration
  • Pendragon: deals 200% damage
  • Counter: when attacked, Ellen counters and is immune to damage and knockdowns while this skill is active
  • Sniper: deals 140% damage four times
  • Domain Puncture: deals 250% damage
  • Shadow Sword: deals 300% damage over four hits
  • CR-UNIT Pendragon: deals up to 1,500% damage over 18 hits

Kotori Itsuka


Mana Takamiya

Battling with the power of thunder itself, Mana is at her best when fighting non-stop.


  • Murakumo: three attacks that deal 50, 30, and 40% lightning damage respectively
  • Lightning Blade: five attacks that deal 40% lightning damage on the first four hits, and 15% on the final
  • Shadow Steps: deals 80% lightning damage across four strikes
  • Lightning Strike Gallery: deals four hits worth of 45% lightning damage each
  • Wither: strikes 11 times for a total of 600% lightning damage

Yuzuru Yamai

Deals damage with the power of the wind, Yuzuru is one half of the Yamai twins.


  • El Na’ash: deals 80% physical damage three times
  • Chain Link: deals 200% physical damage to enemies in front
  • Lethal Vortex: deals 110% storm damage to enemies in front
  • Spiral Storm: deals 110% storm damage
  • El Kanaph: deals 1600% damage to enemies in front

Kaguya Yamai

The other half of the twin Yami sisters, Kaguya also specialises in wind energy.


  • El Re’em: deals 90% physical damage three times
  • High Pressure Wind Cannon: deals 240% storm damage to enemies in front
  • Tornado Rupture: deals eight 10% damage hits over two seconds
  • Deadly Stinger: deals 280% storm damage
  • El Re’em: deals 1,200% AoE storm damage


Tohka Yatogami

The default spirit, Tohka is a specialist at taking down shielded enemies.


  • Sandalphon: deals 70% physical damage three times
  • Broken Sword Dance: deals 280% physical damage across three hits
  • Crescent Sky Strike: deals 120% physical damage
  • Energy Sword: deals 180% physical damage across three hits
  • Halvanhelev: deals 1,150% physical damage across four attacks to enemies in front


Using winter as a weapon, no enemy can hide from Yoshino.


  • Ice Shards: deals 60% ice damage three times
  • Icy Thorns: deals 140% ice damage to enemies in front
  • Cold Field: deals 30% ice damage every 0.3 seconds for three seconds, and slows enemies by 20%
  • Ice Storm: deals 70% ice damage every 0.2 seconds for a second, and has a 20% chance to chill its target
  • Ice Beam: deals 1,100% damage across ten hits to enemies in front

Origami Tobiichi

You have to carefully manage Origami’s energy resource, which only recharges when she’s not attacking.


  • No Pain: deals damage five times, with the first two hits doing 60% and 70% damage respectively, and the final three dealing 40%
  • Light Saber Flurry: deals 60% physical damage
  • Extreme Rampage: deals 25% fire damage six times
  • Nuclear Landing: deals 60% fire damage and has a 25% chance to leave the enemy ignited for five seconds
  • Instant Light Break: deals 120% physical damage three times then deals 120% lightning damage six times

Date a Live: Spirit Pledge tier list FAQ:

Now, we’ll answer a few FAQs regarding our Date a Live: Spirit Pledge tier list.

How did you choose this Date a Live: Spirit Pledge tier list?

We assessed each spirit based on their combat performance in a range of different areas, including DPS, defence, support, and more. We then got a pretty good idea of who the best characters were. When it came to choosing our list, we favoured spirits that could multi-role, best at a specific role, and not particularly good at any role in that order.

Are spirits lower down the list not worth getting?

Not necessarily. Our tier list is based on a spirit’s base performance, as it’s designed to help you right at the beginning of the game. We think you’ll fare better at the start with one of the best choices, but if you’re in it for the long term, you could feasibly upgrade a low-tier spirit into an absolute powerhouse.