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Dead by Daylight Mobile is out now

Redesigned for the small touchscreen

Behaviour Interactive’s mobile port of the multiplayer survival horror game, Dead by Daylight, is out right now. The mobile version plays almost exactly the same as the original, with four players taking on the roles of survivors and a single player acting as murderous psychopath. Survivors attempt to escape without getting killed, the killer does the killing.

It’s not as simple as running to the exit or chopping heads off though, as both survivor and killer have a bunch of mechanics to keep in mind that help them complete objectives. Survivors, for example, can’t harm the killer at all. Instead, they have to use the power of stealth to avoid the enemy, hiding behind or inside objects, and moving as quietly as possible.

However, you won’t always be able to visually see the killer, which is where your terror radius comes in. When you get close to the killer, you’ll hear a heartbeat sound. This becomes louder as you get closer to the killer, at which point you’ll be able to see where the killer is looking thanks to a red cone of light in front of them.

While survivors can’t actively attack the killer, you can help your fellows to escape capture by temporarily blinding or stunning the killer. You can also heal your teammates when they get injured. In terms of actually escaping though, you have to attempt to repair five generators dotted around the map. Doing so makes a lot of noise, which can attract the killer to your position. Once you’ve repaired all of the generators, you can head straight towards the exit gates.

Meanwhile, killers have their own set of mechanics to help them hunt and butcher survivors. Due to your heightened senses, you can see tracks and bloodstains left behind by survivors, as well as track their location when you hear a loud noise. You can also run faster than a survivor, which helps you catch them when spotted. If you do catch them, you’ll have to attack them to knock them down, and you’ve got both a short-range and lunge attack to help you. Two hits, and the survivor is down.

To actually kill a survivor, you have to carry them to one of the various sacrificial hooks dotted around the map. You’ll have to be quick and careful though, as survivors can wriggle free, stunning you in the process, or be saved by their fellows. If you manage to successfully transport a survivor to the hook, you’ll still have to be on your guard, as survivors can still attempt to escape and their teammates can rescue them.

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Dead by Daylight Mobile is basically the same game, just redesigned for mobile. You’ll find the progression system, which provides a bunch of different characters, perks, and cosmetics to unlock, intact, as well as a redesigned UI and controls for mobile. If you’d like to check it out, go ahead and grab Dead by Daylight right now on iOS or Android via the App Store or Google Play respectively.