Dead By Daylight Mobile invites Élodie and the twins to the family

Blood is thicker than water, right?

Dead By Daylight twins

Welcome to the Dead by Daylight Mobile family, where the bond of blood is above everything else. Behaviour Interactive has announced the release of a new chapter, A Binding of Kin, which will introduce a new survivor, as well as a fresh killer – or two.

If you are familiar with the PC version, you will likely recognise the not-so-friendly faces of the A Binding of Kin twins, Charlotte and Victor. This gruesome twosome are a pair of conjoined twins from 17th Century France, and, through their hardships, have formed an emotional bond like no other. Take control of either Charlotte or Victor, and switch on the fly in order to explore their unique abilities and unleash their gruesome potential. Their personal perks are called hoarder, oppression, and coup de grâce, all of which allow them to keep an unnervingly close watch on unwitting survivors.

On the other side, we’re introduced to the cunning, smart, and defiant survivor, Élodie Rakoto. Born into a rich, Parisian household that was later thrown into tragedy, Élodie’s harrowing past pushed her down the dark and dangerous path of occult investigation. She fights her corner with sheer stubbornness and determination, and her perceptive nature allows her to interact with objects in unique ways. Her personal perks include appraisal, deception, and power struggle, all of which make her a slippery foe to catch.

Hitting mobile on July 26, 2021, you don’t have long to wait to join in on this family of fun.

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