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Jon Ingold, inkle co-founder, set for Develop:Brighton keynote talk

If you’re heading to Develop:Brighton 2023, you can look forward to listening to inkle co-founder Jon Ingold talking all things narrative in the keynote talk.

Picture of Jon Ingold, inkle co-founder, for Develop:Brighton news on his talk

With past speakers like John Romero, we’ve come to expect a lot of the Develop:Brighton keynote, so it’s very exciting to learn that this year is set to deliver another engaging talk from an iconic developer. For Develop:Brighton 2023, that developer is Jon Ingold, co-founder and narrative director of inkle games and Sony Computer Entertainment Europe alumni.

Delivering a talk titled “Further Up and Further In: Making Richer Gameplay Narratives”, Ingold’s set to share his experiences from twelve years of working at inkle and beyond, concentrating on developing rich and replayable narratives. With inkle giving the world 80 Days, Overboard!, and other exciting and well-received narrative adventures, there are few better to discuss the subject.

Ingold himself is looking forward to the conference, saying, “the Develop conference is the beating heart of UK games, and I’m thrilled to have been invited to speak this year. I can’t wait to share the strategies we have developed at inkle across the last decade to aid others in creating narrative experiences that keep their integrity with every playthrough.”

If you want to catch the keynote for yourself, be sure to secure tickets on the official Develop:Brighton site. Better still, you can use our discount code – BTPRSP – while checking out for 10% off the price of your tickets.

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With that, you’re up to date on the news that inkle’s Jon Ingold is this year’s Develop:Brighton keynote speaker. While you’re here, be sure to check out our chat with another big name in narrative games in our Danganronpa interview with Kazutaka Kodaka.