Diablo Immortal update offers a hell-ping hand for changing class

There’s a ton of scorching new content coming to the badlands and catacombs of Sanctuary as part of the latest Diablo Immortal update

a barbarian, wizard, monk, and demon hunter stand ready for battle

Following a smattering of minor improvements since launch, the first significant additions to Activision Blizzard’s action RPG have arrived in the latest Diablo Immortal update. With that finally comes the ability to change your class, as well as new game modes, an extra Helliquary boss, and two limited-time events. 

There’s no hellish wait for the Diablo Immortal update either, as all the content we just mentioned is live in-game now, and all you have to do is make sure you’re running the latest patch next time you play. If you haven’t completed the main story of Diablo Immortal yet, it might be harder to notice the updated quest line, but there’s now a brand new post-story quest to keep hardened warriors on their toes. 

As well as new story content, you can get your hands on a limited-event exclusive legendary crest for completing the new Adventurer’s Path limited-time event, which runs from July 20 through to August 3. Or, if you fancy the challenge of the new Helliquary boss, you can find Gorgorga, the third of the Wrathborne demons to best on your quest from August 3.

How do I change class in Diablo Immortal? 

Now that it’s possible to change classes in Diablo Immortal, you’re probably wondering how it’s done. Well, before we get into the exact method, it’s worth noting that you can only change class once every seven days,  so if you have important raids coming up, it’s best not to take any chances trying out a new class. 

The necromancer class screen with the dark mage standing in the middle

Once you decide what class you want to become, you need to head to the Shifting Flames brazier in Westmarch to begin the process. There are a few important notes regarding what happens to your class-specific gear over at the official Diablo Immortal site, so be sure to stop by there if you have any lingering questions. 

There you have it. All you need to know about the latest Diablo Immortal update. If you’re looking to change up your class thanks to the new update, be sure to check out our Diablo Immortal classes guide for all the need-to-know information.