Unhappy readers are review bombing Digimon Survive despite a warning

It seems that no one wants to listen to developers these days, with Digimon Survive review bombing building up momentum by the minute

Lopmon looking longingly toward the player, with their sad ears flopping, looking as if they have read the Digimon Survive review bombing and is taking it personally

Review bombing is a relatively modern concept, but it’s also a pretty common one too, and Digimon Survive is the latest victim of online vitriol from unimpressed players (or in many cases, trolls). The cause of the en masse malice from a chunk of the player base is apparently to protest the plot-dominant nature of the newest Digimon game, despite the developer being consistently, and I mean consistently, transparent about the details. 

Apparently, though, people didn’t listen as Digimon Survive review bombing is still going ahead, and you can just head on over to Metacritic if you don’t believe us. At the time of writing, it does appear that there’s some kind of movement in the other direction, with those who have actually taken the time to try and experience Survive as it was meant leaving positive reviews, as well as official ones coming through (including our own Digimon Survive review!). 

The most surprising thing about all of this is, as we mentioned earlier, Digimon Survive producer Kazumasa Habu was incredibly open about how the game would be so story dominant, and that the strategy RPG elements aren’t at the core of the game time, estimating a 70/30 split. Even still, these warnings, as well as those in the trailers weren’t enough and were paid no mind by the review bombers.

There are also a few comments lingering from unhappy campers left unimpressed with the Digimon Survive release rollout, with essentially no pre-order window on the Switch e-shop, Steam, or other virtual marketplaces. Fortunately, Bandai Namco has gone some way to remedy this issue with a Month One version now available, so those comments might get revised in time. 

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Either way, we’re hoping that the Digimon Survive review bombing comes to an end sometime soon, so we can enjoy everyone else’s feedback about this foray away from the classic monster-taming formula. If you need a helping hand in the Digital World yourself, check out our Digimon Survive evolution guide.