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All Disney Dreamlight Valley fish and where to find them

Have a reel good time with our guide to all Disney Dreamlight Valley fish, from lobsters to sword fish, and become an awesome angler with our handy fishing tips

Disney Dreamlight Valley fish - a player fishing at a pond with Maui nearby

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a multi-faceted sim with many profitable pastimes to enjoy, one of which being fishing. With a selection of ponds and lakes, and even an entire ocean at your disposal, setting out with your trusty royal fishing rod to catch a batch of Disney Dreamlight Valley fish is a quick and easy way to make a fast buck, unlock a new recipe, or cook up a tasty treat for a pal – all of which contribute to helping you build your dream kingdom back up to its former glory.

Of course, many Disney Dreamlight Valley fish only show up in certain areas, and with some fetching a higher price than others, and specific fish being required for some recipes, you need to become familiar with which fishing holes to frequent. Or, you could just take this handy guide along with you and whistle while you work, featuring every fish in the game, where to find them, the price they fetch at Goofy’s stall, and how much energy they restore for you when you snack on them. We’ve also included some useful Disney Dreamlight Valley fishing tips to help you along the way.

If you’re looking to make the most of your newfound fishing talents, check out our Disney Dreamlight Valley cooking guide and whip up some delicious dishes. We’ve also got a guide to all the Disney Dreamlight Valley critters and their favourite foods, along with a Disney Dreamlight Valley gems guide, listing all the different minerals you can mine.

How do I catch Disney Dreamlight Valley fish?

Let’s start with the Disney Dreamlight Valley fishing basics. In order to start catching fish, you need to complete the Fishing Expedition quest to get a fishing rod from Goofy. From there, you simply need to equip your rod, then approach a body of water, hold the action button to get casting, then release when your cursor lands on your desired location in the water.

Wait to get a bite and hit the action button again when the prompt pops up to start reeling. Then, you just have to hit the action button every time the circle around your float turns green. When successful, a message pops up showing your haul.

You can fish at any point in a designated body of water, but to get the good stuff you need to pay attention to the different coloured ripples that appear in the water.

  • White ripples take two reeling attempts to catch a fish. They usually reward common fish, like bass and cod
  • Blue ripples take three successful reeling attempts to catch a fish. They usually reward medium-rarity fish, like bream and shrimp
  • Gold ripples take four successful reeling attempts to catch a fish. They usually reward the rarest fish, like lobsters

You can fish outside of the ripples too – this is the best way to farm Disney Dreamlight Valley seaweed.

Disney Dreamlight Valley fish collection page, showing a variety of different fish

All Disney Dreamlight Valley fish

Disney Dreamlight Valley fish Where to find Sell price Energy restored on consumption
Anglerfish Forgotten Lands 1.5k star coins 2,000
Bass Peaceful Meadow, Forest of Valor, Sunlit Plateau, Frosted Heights 25 star coins 150
Bream Peaceful Meadow 600 star coins 1,300
Carp Forest of Valor, Sunlit Plateau 400 star coins 800
Catfish Peaceful Meadow 550 star coins 1,200
Cod Dazzle Beach, Forgotten Lands, Glade of Trust 35 star coins 150
Crab Frosted Heights 600 star coins 1,200
Fugu Dazzle Beach (only when it’s stormy/raining) 900 star coins 1,700
Herring Dazzle Beach, Glade of Trust 65 star coins 250
Kingfish Dazzle Beach 459 star coins 800
Lancetfish Forgotten Lands 650 star coins 1,300
Lobster Glade of Trust 950 star coins 1,600
Perch Forest of Valor, Sunlit Plateau  80 star coins 400
Pike Forest of Valor 800 star coins 1,500
Rainbow trout Peaceful Meadow, Forest of Valor 50 star coins 300
Salmon Frosted Heights, Sunlit Plateau 150 star coins 500
Shrimp Dazzle Beach 300 star coins 750
Sole Forgotten Lands 200 star coins 500
Squid Glade of Trust, Forgotten Lands 500 star coins 1,000
Swordfish Dazzle Beach 700 star coins 1,500
Tilapia Sunlit Plateau, Frosted Heights 600 star coins 1,150
Tuna Forgotten Lands, Glade of Trust 95 star coins 350
Walleye Sunlit Plateau (we’ve had trouble with fishing spots not spawning in this area and haven’t caught one yet) 1.1k star coins 1,700
White Sturgeon Frosted Heights 1.2k star coins 1,800

Disney Dreamlight Valley fish - a player with her rod over her shoulder, stood by a boat full of fish

How do I get Disney Dreamlight Valley fish fast?

If you want to increase your yield when fishing, bringing a pal is the best option. Invite a companion who has the fishing trait to join you and, when you catch a fish, they have a chance of dropping another right next to you. Fishing with them also increases their friendship level, and the higher their friendship level, the better the effects of their fishing trait. Just hanging out with them and bringing them along for the ride will see you swimming in fish in no time!

Another way to earn some extra fish is by fixing Moana’s boat. Of course, you need to bring her to your island first, and complete the ‘After the Storm’, ‘The Great Maui’, and ‘How Far You’ll Go’ quests in order to unlock it. From there, you can head to the raft and chat with Moana to claim some of the fish she catches at sea. Upgrading Moana’s boat through the Scrooge McDuck sign increases the amount of fish you get, and how often you can claim them.

That’s everything we’ve got on Disney Dreamlight Valley fish for now. If you’re looking for a little extra assistance, be sure to check out our Disney Dreamlight Valley realms guide and unlock a whole new world today.