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Square Enix announces new mobile game Dragon Quest Champions

Square Enix has announced a new mobile game, Dragon Quest Champions, bringing a brand new adventure to iOS and Android sometime in the future

Dragon Quest Champions release date -art for the game showing various heroes in colourful armour with swords and shields stood on a. grassy plain going against monsters like dragons and giants in front of a large cathedral.

Square Enix sure loves making a load of videogames, and next up is Dragon Quest Champions, a new mobile game for iOS and Android. The game is an RPG which can be played solo or with friends, by the look of it.

There are two game modes – story and tournament, by my rough translation – which the hosts go through at length in the video below. The former will feature an original story with two protagonists to choose from, while the latter is some sort of multiplayer challenge mode that might be battle royale… While there’s no sign of a Dragon Quest Champions release date, there’s also no sign of the game coming to the west.

Square Enix originally described the game as a “? RPG”, whatever that means, but it seems to be becoming a little clearer now we’ve seen the announcement. There’s cooking, crafting, and turn-based battles. Sure sounds like a Dragon Quest! While we wait for more news, why not check out our Dragon Quest Treasures review to see what we thought of the latest entry?

Dragon Quest Champions release date speculation

Dragon Quest Champions is set for release in Japan only, but we don’t know when. There is a beta test set to run from February 6-13 for 10,000 people on iOS and Android, with more details available on Twitter. There’s no news yet about a western release. You can check out the announcement below.

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