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Every Earthbound character

The cult classic is back in our hands via the Nintendo Switch Online service, so find out about the zany cast with our guide to every Earthbound character

The Earthbound characters striking poses.

Earthbound is one of those games, i.e. games that everyone talks about as one of the greatest of all time, but not that many people have actually played. It sold very badly in the west, with a very 90s marketing campaign proclaiming “this game stinks” and with a strange twist on the JRPG formula, it took a few years for it to get to the heights it now exists in.

Over the years, more and more people have played it. It came to the Wii U virtual console in 2013 and is now on the Switch’s equivalent via a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. It’s time then, for people who say they like Earthbound but have never played it to actually give it a try. If you’re one of those people, then check out our guide to every Earthbound character.

I’m using the original Earthbound player’s guide that Nintendo recently shared with everyone, to learn more about each of the whimsical characters. For more Switch stuff, check out our guide to Nintendo Switch Online N64 games to find your next retro pick.


Playable Earthbound characters

The characters of Earthbound and some descriptions from the original guide.


The “unlikely protector of earth”, Ness is the mascot for Earthbound. Every Nintendo fan knows him, mostly thanks to him appearing in Super Smash Bros. He’s just a normal kid from Onett at first until he’s set on a path to stop Giygas and save the world (and the universe, mind you).

Paula Polestar

The first person Ness meets, from Twoson, Paula is the “possessor of psychic powers”, who’s loved by “all the children at the preschool”. Looking like another average kid, Paula actually has powerful psychic powers that have been reported on TV. Who woulda guessed.

Jeff Andonuts

The “mechanical genius of the team”, Jeff is from Winters, the son of a famous scientist, and the same age as Ness. So, of course, they become fast friends. His scientific knowledge helps him to use gadgets and machines, as well as repair devices.


Older than the others, Poo is the “mysterious prince from the east” from the country of Dalaam. He’s physically, mentally, and spiritually strong, though he’s modest about his abilities. As he doesn’t like western food, he has to be given eastern foods for his HP to be restored effectively.

Earthbound NPCs:

  • Apple Kid – a clever kid from Twoson who can make stuff for Ness
  • Aloysius Minch – Porky’s dad
  • B.H. Pirkle – the mayor of Onett
  • Brick Road – a dungeon maker who eventually become half-man, half-dungeon
  • Bubble Monkey – a helpful monkey from Winters
  • Buzz Buzz – a time-travelling warrior
  • Captain Strong – head of the police in Onett
  • Dr. Andonuts – Jeff’s dad
  • Electra – maid to Geldegarde Monotoli
  • Everdred – a Twoson robber
  • Frank Fly – head of the Sharks gang in Onett
  • Geldegarde Monotoli – the mayor of Fourside
  • George Montague – a man who takes a diamond from his brother to Ness
  • Gerardo Montague – a construction worker who finds a diamond
  • Giygas – a big alien trying to destroy everything
  • Hint Man – a man who gives you hints
  • Jackie – a man in an eyepatch in Fourside who runs a bar/café
  • King – Ness’ dog
  • Lardna Minch – Porky’s mum
  • Lier X. Agerate – Ness’ friend
  • Master Belch – a pile of vomit, loyal to Giygas
  • Maxwell Labs – a scientist in Winters
  • Miss Fake – the owner of a theatre in Fourside
  • Mr. Carpainter – a cult leader
  • Mr. Saturn – strange creatures from the Saturn Valley
  • Mr. Spoon – a curator in the Dinosaur Museum in Fourside
  • Ness’s parents – the unnamed progenitors
  • No Name Mouse – Apple Kid’s pet
  • Orange Kid – another clever kid from Twoson
  • Photo Man – a man who takes photos of you throughout
  • Picky Minch – Porky’s brother
  • Poochyfud – theatre owner in Twoson
  • Porky Minch – Ness’ neighbour
  • Runaway Five – a jazz band
  • Star Master – Poo’s teacher
  • Talah Rama – a man who lives in a cave with monkeys
  • The Tenda – a species of strange blobby things
  • Tessie – a sea monster from Winters
  • Tony – Jeff’s roommate
  • Tracy – Ness’ younger sister
  • Venus – a famous singer

There you have it. Some great names in there. For more RPG goodness check out our list of the best Switch RPGs to keep the train a-rollin’.