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ESR Halolock Power Bank Wallet review - portable power in your pocket

Our ESR Halolock Power Bank Wallet review puts the portable charger through its paces. So if you’re looking for a power solution, read all about it now.

ESR Halolock Power Bank wallet review: A portable phone charger acts as a stand for an iPhone

Our Verdict

While it won’t last for days at a time, the ESR Halolock Power Bank Wallet is a perfect day-to-day accessory that can easily get you out of a pinch. Alongside the ability to hold cards, use them as a stand, and the powerful MagSafe technology, this device is a fantastic option for anyone needing a portable charger that actually fits in your pocket.

Reasons to buy
  • Compact design
  • Wireless charging
  • Multi-functional
Reasons to avoid
  • Only one port
  • Low capacity
  • Expensive

There are almost as many portable charger options as phones nowadays, with countless bulky bricks ready to clog up your bag or pocket. That’s why we had a keen eye on the ESR Halolock Power Bank Wallet, as the sleek wireless charging device offers a lot of power for the size and some other neat features.

At just over the size of a bank card, and maybe a couple of centimeters thick, the ESR Halolock Power Bank Wallet is a compact charger that might fit your pocket alongside your phone. Recently my phone stopped charging through the actual port, so I’ve been heavily relying on the wireless charging of the ESR Halolock Wallet, and it hasn’t let me down yet.

Billed as three-in-one device, the name might just give away a few of the gadget’s features. The ESR Halolock Power Bank Wallet (I’ll call it the ESR Power Bank from here on out to save time), is a power bank, a wallet, and also a pretty fantastic phone stand. Using the powerful Magsafe-style charging, magnets keep your phone attached and alive in a pinch.

I’ve been using the ESR Power Bank for a few weeks now, and I even had the chance to test it at Glastonbury Festival. Considering my phone’s cable port is dead, having a portable wireless charger is fantastic. What I have to add, is that the ESR Power Bank is just great at everything it does as well, and it’s the envy of my friends any time I pull it out to show them.

ESR Halolock Power Bank wallet review: A portable phone charger acts as a stand for an iPhone

First up, while on the small side, it has around a 5,000 mAh battery that can easily hold at least one full charge for your average iPhone, and perhaps a bit more. It might not hold as much charge as bigger and bulkier devices but for convenience, the ESR Power Bank is a lifesaver always ready to bring a phone back from the brink.

It lives in my bag permanently now, and while I generally have to charge it once every couple of days, it brings my phone back from death to a full charge when the charger itself is full of juice. Don’t expect to get two full charges out of it, but again, for its size, it does everything it needs to get you out of a pinch.

Next up, the Magsafe charging works great, and the magnets make sure your smartphone never separates from the device. Your mobile pops nicely into place either vertically or horizontally, and the stand especially makes this a fantastic feature. I often place my phone sideways and watch YouTube videos with the stand popping out easily and propping my phone up.

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There is a USB-C port if you want to use a cable, but the magnets are so reliable I never feel the need to use anything else. The only time I used the cable is to quickly add some charge to other USB-C devices like headphones or my Playdate, and it’s really helpful in those instances.

Sadly, you cannot charge through the wireless and the USB-C at the same time, leaving you to choose between the two ports. But the ESR is pretty quick to full power, taking between 2-3 hours to reach a full charge.

Finally, there’s also a slot for one or two bank cards at the back of the device. You can’t fit three, but even just having your main bank card in there is a plus. The cover is made out of vegan leather, and is available in brown or black. The ESR Power Bank also has a few lights on the bottom of the device to indicate when it’s charging. Not much to say here, they do everything needed though they’re a bit dim so it’s tough to see them in daylight.

ESR Halolock Power Bank wallet review: A portable phone charger acts as a stand for an iPhone

Overall the ESR Power Bank Wallet is now one of my essential travel companions. It’s a lifesaver at festivals and its compact design, power, and ability to hold cards mean it enjoyed almost every hour of Glastonbury with me. I wish it held a little more juice but 5,000 mAh is a good compromise for portability. If you need something pocketable to get you out of a jam, this could be the perfect companion.