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Find Proof - Cheaters Puzzle: tips, tricks, and cheats

Find out everything you need to know about this stealth game with our Find Proof - Cheaters Puzzle guide

Are you looking for a Find Proof – Cheaters Puzzle guide? This new mobile game has shot up the charts since coming out a few weeks ago, but it can be a bit confusing. That’s because you aren’t really told what to expect, and you’re not really given a tutorial, either.

Find Proof – Cheaters Puzzle casts you in the role of a reality show host who endeavours to find out if men are cheating on their partners, which they usually are. It’s a stealth game first and foremost. You try to capture evidence of each man being unfaithful to their partner. This usually involves you recording them with your phone to catch them in the act. Once you catch them, you expose them live on air, and they get a big slap, or a roundhouse kick, from their partner. Who amongst us has not wished to roundhouse kick a man? Aside from the core gameplay loop, you can also decorate your studio with furniture.

Throughout this Find Proof – Cheaters Puzzle guide we’ll go over some tips, tricks, and cheats so no man will ever think to cheat without accepting the inevitable consequence of being kicked in the melon.

Everything in our Find Proof – Cheaters Puzzle guide

What is Find Proof – Cheaters Puzzle?

Find Proof – Cheaters Puzzle is a stealth game where you go undercover to capture people in the act while they cheat on their partners. Once you’ve managed that, you expose them on your talk show and watch them get slapped.

How to play Find Proof – Cheaters Puzzle

You can play Find Proof – Cheaters Puzzle by downloading from the iOS App Store. It’s not on the Google Play store just yet. Once you’re in the game, you can complete levels by doing an action when the cheater isn’t looking. Sometimes this is darting from cover-to-cover while you follow them, other times it is whipping a phone out to record them.

Find Proof – Cheaters Puzzle tips, tricks, and cheats

  • Take your time: catching someone in act involves doing something while they’re not looking. On one level, it’s recording them while they meet up with their other love interest. While you record them, a metre fills up. Once it’s filled to the maximum, you’ve won. If they turn around and see you, however, it’s game over. There’s no rush to fill the bar, so play it safe and do it bit by bit.
  • Go for the roundhouse kick: Once you’ve caught someone in the act, they’ll be confronted by their partner, with a metre popping up that says slap. The secret, however, is that if you hit the sweet spot and get maximum power, you’ll hit them with a roundhouse kick. Not only is it more satisfying, but it means more score, which means more goodies to decorate your studio.
  • Don’t worry about decorating the studio: customising your studio is nice, but it doesn’t make any difference towards how much score you get for completing each level, as far as we can tell. So you can decorate your space as you see fit without worrying about the need to fill space.

And there you have it, some Find Proof – Cheaters Puzzle tips, tricks, and cheats to get you started. All that’s left now is for you to download the game and catch them in the act.