Throw hands with the Fitness Boxing 2 DLC for Nintendo Switch

With a new Fitness Boxing 2 DLC coming to the Nintendo Switch title, you can jam out to some tasty tunes in your very own nature retreat

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A new Fitness Boxing 2 DLC package is on the way for the Nintendo Switch exercise regime title, with plenty of content to keep you throwing hooks and jabs. So, if you’re looking to switch out a night on the sofa playing Mario for a night on the floor burning calories, you might want to check it out.

The paid Fitness Boxing 2 DLC option is bringing two new sets of tunes with the EDM workout and rock workout, so you can jam out to whichever genre you prefer as you land some uppercuts. Alternatively, there’s also a nature stages DLC, offering you a way to go experience the wonder of the great outdoors while blindly throwing punches in your living room. If you ask me, that’s the dream.

Nintendo announced the surprise DLC package in a Tweet, with a little detail on each of the three offerings. If you want to pick up the new content, each DLC content pack costs $1.49/£1.39, so you can grab all three for less than $5.

Not only is the new Fitness Boxing 2 DLC arriving in the game right away, but there’s also a new update, bringing a fresh instructor along to help you keep up the good work. Better still, that update is a freebie, so you don’t have to pay anything to meet your new fitness coach Leo.

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There you have it, all you need to know about the Fitness Boxing 2 DLC for Nintendo Switch. For more titles to keep you active, check out our list of all the Just Dance games on Switch.