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Unravel Oriole City’s mysteries with the Frank and Drake release date

The Frank and Drake release date is finally here, bringing the rotoscoped narrative adventure from the Terracotta and Coffee Talk teams to Nintendo Switch.

Frank and Drake release date: A screenshot of Drake looking scared on a night sky background. He is a white man with long brown hair wearing purple lensed circle glasses, a red jacket, and two grey-toned shirts

Chorus Worldwide, publishers of Coffee Talk and A Space for the Unbound, has announced the Frank and Drake release date for Nintendo Switch and PC. Much like some of the best mystery games out there, this rotoscoped narrative adventure sees two unlikely friends solving a conspiracy without ever communicating in person.

In this lovingly hand-drawn game, you play as the titular Frank and Drake, experiencing building superintendent Frank’s life by day and Drake’s exploits as a bartender with a sun allergy by night. Set in the fictional mid-Atlantic metropole of Oriole City, things are far from normal for the pair, as Frank recovers from an amnesiac episode and Drake experiences visions of unhoused people protecting him from an unsavory character.

You must help Frank and Drake to uncover the various mysteries of their strange life together, communicating only through sticky notes left on kitchen cabinets and other surfaces around their shared apartment. The game’s branching narrative spans one riddle-filled week, and you learn more of the truth from each ending.

“Frank and Drake really isn’t like anything I’ve ever seen before from its look to how the story unfolds; it’s the kind of game where if it clicks with you, you’ll really love it,” said Shintaro Kanaoya, founder and CEO of Chorus Worldwide. “Everyone’s going to love Underdog, though. He’s a good dog.” Really, who wouldn’t love a one-eyed, wheelchair-riding dog like Underdog? Heartless people, that’s who.

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When is the Frank and Drake release date?

Frank and Drake releases on Nintendo Switch and PC on July 20, 2023. The game is coming to other consoles in the near future.

That’s everything you need to know about the Frank and Drake release date. For more on Chorus Worldwide’s games, check out our Coffee Talk review and A Space for the Unbound review.