Geometry Dash Scratch – best levels and how to play them

Here are the very best Geometry Dash Scratch levels and how to play them

Geometry Dash purple level

Geometry Dash is a colourful blast of rhythm action and platforming fun that’s easy to get into but incredibly tricky to master. You play as a little cube tasked with navigating its way across a series of trap-filled 2D levels, all backed by some excellent tunes. There are 21 levels to beat in the official version, and they only get more demanding as you continue to progress.

You’ll have to time your jumps and falls correctly if you want to survive and scale the leaderboards, but the music is always there to help you stay in the zone and anticipate any upcoming obstacles. It’s a very simple game at its core, which makes it all too easy to pick up and play on your phone or in a browser when you really ought to be doing something else.

There are plenty of ways to play Geometry Dash outside of downloading it from the App Store or Google Play, such as by checking out the very best Geometry Dash Scratch levels.

Here’s everything you should know about Geometry Dash Scratch:

Geometry Dash orange level

What is Geometry Dash Scratch?

Scratch is a game and animation platform that, while fairly straightforward, allows you to create some pretty neat stuff. The Geometry Dash community is very active on Scratch, meaning you can expect to see ports of the game and no shortage of user-created levels. These run the gamut from small jokes to borderline impossible remixes of classic Geometry Dash levels.

How do you play Geometry Dash on Scratch?

Playing Geometry Dash on Scratch is a super simple process, with the only barrier being that you might need to set up a Scratch account to play certain levels.

You can do so right here by creating a username (don’t use your own name!) and password, then inputting your email address. Once your account is up and running, simply type ‘Geometry Dash’ into the search bar and see what comes up. Don’t forget that you can filter by ‘Popular’ or ‘Trending’.

Geometry Dash dark level

What are the best Geometry Dash Scratch levels?

There are just so many Geometry Dash levels on Scratch that it can be hard to work out what’s worth playing. That’s why we’ve collated some of our personal favourites in the list below:

  • Geometry Dash 1.5: This is a Scratch port of Geometry Dash from user Griffpatch that features some of the game’s most popular levels. Since its release, it’s been used as the basis for many other creations
  • Geometry Dash Subzero: User CrystalKeeper7’s port of Geometry Dash Subzero is well worth a go if you’re up to the challenge
  • Geometry Dash Meltdown: This one’s another top-tier port from CrystalKeeper7
  • Geometry Dash remix: Here we have an extremely tough Geometry Dash remix from user HumanCalc7 that simply isn’t for the faint of heart
  • Geometry Dash Antecoder: User Im_feeling_itchy’s original level is packed full of dastardly obstacles to overcome

Where can you download Geometry Dash for iOS and Android?

If you’d rather go through official channels, you’ll find the entire Geometry Dash series available for download on your preferred mobile store:

And that’s about everything you should know about Geometry Dash on Scratch. If you’re an avid player, be sure to check out our Geometry Dash APK mod guide, which explains why you should be careful when downloading a modded or hacked version of the game.

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