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Google to help Android devs translate mobile games “in minutes”

Google’s 2023 Game Developer Summit highlighted its new machine translation feature, which it says can help Android developers translate games in minutes.

Google machine translation - various colourful toybox style things in yellow, red, blue, and green. In the middle are some bleachers, with little armless, legless, toybox people in various big colours sat on them, in fron of a tall blue mountain and other playset stuff.

Google has announced an early access program for its new machine translation feature. Using Google Translate and “best-in-class transformer-based language models”, this new feature can offer over eight languages including simplified Chinese and Japanese.

Available in the Play Console, the dev portal for Google’s app store, you can sign up here for early access. Google says the feature “can translate your game’s strings in minutes”, but, of course, we have no way of knowing how accurate it will be.

Either way, it’s an interesting feature, especially for smaller developers. Sure, the biggest mobile games in the world come in a litany of languages, but if you’re an indie developer in a small team, this isn’t really feasible. Even some inaccuracies could be worth it to connect with a wider audience.

You can check out the Google for Games Developer Summit 2023 Keynote below for more details.

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