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Hori Split Pad – where to buy

Looking for the Hori Split Pad? Get comfortable with a Nintendo Switch accessory, and ensure you get yours in time for the holidays, with our guide

The Nintendo Switch does many things incredibly well. The compact design, the dual nature of playing on the TV or on the go, hell, with the OLED it even has a beautiful screen now, but one thing has annoyed players since 2017. While the Joy-Cons are perfectly functional, many would say they’re not particularly comfortable, and that’s where Hori comes in.

The Hori Split Pad Pro is a beefy little contraption, working much like regular Joy-Cons snapping on the side of the device, but with a lot more surface area to grab onto, feeling like a Switch Pro controller cut in two, and slapped on either side of the device. While it’s not wireless and only compatible with handheld gaming, the Split Pad Pro has become a favourite for players who use handheld often, this writer included.

Thanks to the success of the Hori Split Pad Pro, there are a bunch of different designs to choose from, including special editions featuring Sonic the Hedgehog, Pokémon, Monster Hunter, and even PAC-MAN. Upgrade your handheld gaming just in time for the holidays, with our Hori Split PadPro buying guide.

Grab your Switch and let’s get gaming, with our Hori Split Pad buying guide.

Hori Split Pad

Hori Split Pad: a product shot shows the hori split pad pro with a lucario and pikachu design

Pokémon Editions

Hori Split Pad: A product shot shows a Switch controllerknown as the Hori Split Pad with a Sonic the Hedgehog designSonic The Hedgehog

Hori Split Pad: A product shot shows the Switch controller known as the Hori Split Pad Pro in black

Different colourways

Hori Split Pad: A product image shows the Switch controller known as the Hori Split Pad compact with a design based on the Pokémon GengarHori Split Pad Pro Compact

We hope this guide helped you out in time for the holidays, and that you have plenty of hours of comfortable gaming ahead of you. For even more great gift ideas, check out our Super Mario gift guide and treat the gamer in your life this holiday.