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Hyper Plinko guide: tips, tricks, and cheats

Everything you need to know in our definitive Hyper Plinko guide

Our Hyper Plinko guide has all of the juicy information you need to become a ball-dropping expert in no time. The developer, Shape Keeper, designed it around the 1980’s classic Plinko game, where players would drop a ring down the board and try to win prizes.

Hyper Plinko works pretty much the same. You drop balls down a board filled with pegs designed to deflect and randomise the trajectory of the ball. At the bottom of the screen, there are prizes to be won that change every time you collect them. If your ball makes it through the moving hoop, you get a lucky spin. These spins can award you with extra balls, lucky fruit, coin blocks, or cash.

What makes Hyper Plinko so addictive, is the pursuit of those damn elusive lucky fruit. There are 25 fruit to collect, each seemingly with a different rarity. Only when you have collected one of each fruit will you be eligible to claim the jackpot. So, if you are trying to complete your fruit collection, then you need to keep reading!

Everything in our Hyper Plinko guide:

Hyper Plinko game: how to play

The aim of the game is to drop balls down a board to try and get the rewards at the bottom. To get a reward, the ball has to land perfectly in the hole, or you won’t get the reward. 

The objective of Hyper Plinko can be broken down into two challenges: one in which you earn as much money as possible, and the other in which you collect all 25 fruits. Collecting the fruit will allow you to claim $1000 in-game bucks, expect to be collecting fruit for a long time.

Hyper Plinko balls: how to get free balls

The biggest problem you’ll face when playing Hyper Plinko is running out of balls. You can only play the game if you have balls to drop, and you have to wait ten minutes for a measly ball to recharge. 

Here is how to get more free balls in Hyper Plinko:

  • Watch an advert: when you first play, you will get 30 chances to watch a single advert and collect 30 balls. After you use up your thirty free balls, they become more difficult to come by
  • Spend $0.50: you can spend 50 cents to instantly get 30 Plinko balls ready to drop. The problem is you may not progress if you spend half a dollar on balls and you don’t get it back. Try to avoid spending your hard earned cash on things you can get for free
  • Land on the right section: at the bottom of the screen, there are four rewards that, if you’re lucky, include free balls, fruit, cash, and various other bonuses
  • Watch more adverts: adverts don’t always provide you with balls. Occasionally, you can watch an ad in exchange for a power-up. One of these power-ups immediately drops 20 balls for free
  • Get lucky on the spin: there are three items that if you match, you can win balls from the spin. You can either get five balls, drop ten balls in ten seconds, or drop 20 balls

Hyper Plinko fruit: how to collect 25 fruit

The main reason to play Hyper Plinko is to collect the 25 different fruits. You can gather these fruit by landing your ball in the correctly marked reward at the bottom of your screen or get them randomly from a lucky spin. Once you have 25, you can redeem them for 1,000 in-game bucks.

Hyper Plinko download: How to play on iOS and Android 

You can get Hyper Plinko on iOS via the App Store, or Android via Google Play.

Hyper Plinko APK: How to bypass the Android app stores

You can download an APK for Hyper Plinko from our trustworthy source, APKPure.

Hyper Plinko PC: can you play on the big screen?

Hyper Plink doesn’t currently have a PC version and isn’t available on any of the emulators we regularly use. 

Hyper Plinko online: can you play against friends?

While we would love to see a multiplayer Plinko game, Hyper Plinko offers no online capability or support.

Hyper Plinko tips, tricks, and cheats

You will have a tough time controlling the randomised bounces of your balls, but there are things you can do to increase your success. Follow these tips and you’ll be stacking up green cash faster than you can shake a stick!

  • Aim for green pegs: colliding with a green peg will earn you a penny, and cause the peg to vanish, improving your odds of success. If you can reduce the number of pegs, then you reduce your chances of having your ball bounce way off course
  • Purple pegs are the enemy: both green and yellow pegs disappear if you touch them enough times, but purple lasts forever. These pegs are sure to ruin your chances of getting to the bottom cleanly, so be sure to watch an advert to remove them as often as you can
  • Spam is good: I am not talking about canned food. Spam as many balls as you can in one go to clear as many pegs as possible. Then quickly tap a couple more times to drop more, as they will travel down a pegless board

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