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Idle Tuber guide: tips, tricks, and cheats

Idle Tuber is the closest most of us will ever get to YouTube success

Idle Tuber not only lets you fulfill your desires of becoming a YouTube sensation, but also your dreams of managing YouTubers. There are over 30 real YouTubers to collect, ten games to unlock, and trillions of views to amass. If you are yet to jump into the world of Idle Tuber, read this guide and you’ll be a superstar in no time.

Idle Tuber is an idle simulation game, where part of the gameplay means putting your device down and letting your Tubers do the work. If you enjoy getting in on the action, there are plenty of tasks that reward players who monitor their ever-growing empire. Making content may be as easy as tapping the screen in Idle Tuber, but growing your empire to millions of subscribers takes hard work.

For those of you looking to try out an idle game,  Idle Tuber is perfect. It starts easy, especially for experienced gamers, but you’ll be pleased to know that your hand isn’t held for long before you’re shoved head-first into the turbulent world of content creation.

Everything in our Idle Tuber guide:

Idle tuber Download: how to get it on ios and android

If you have an Android device, you can download a free copy of Idle Tuber from Google Play. If you have an iOS device, you can grab a copy from the App Store.

IDLE TUBER SSUNDEE: Who is ssundee and can you eat him?

SSundee is a YouTuber who has over 14 million subscribers. If you want to know more about his content, you can check out his YouTube channel. Lastly, SSundee is not edible.

Idle Tuber APK: How to bypass the android app stores

There are no trustworthy APK download links at the moment. Our regular source is APKPure, where you can find tons of similar games.

Idle tuber PC: How to play on the big screen

Unfortunately, there’s no PC version just yet. If you head on over to BlueStacks, you will find a bunch of other idle games to play on PC.

IDLE TUBER Online: can I pay with friends

Idle Tuber is a single player game that does not offer any multiplayer support. There is an in-game leaderboard though, for those of you trying to reach the top.

Idle Tuber Double Jump: What other games has the developer made?

Double Jump is the developer of Idle Tuber. If you would like to know what other games the company has made, you can visit the official website.

IDLE TUBER Super Likes: How to get them

There are two in-game currencies to collect in Idle Tuber, both of which are crucial to progression. Super Likes are used to upgrade Tubers and game rooms, which help increase the views you get per video.

Here are the quickest ways to get Super Likes:

  • Trade cash for Super Likes in the shop
  • Click the hovering briefcase and watch a video
  • Open your four-hour free pack
  • Open any pack
  • Buy some from the store

IDLE TUBER Cash: How to get in-game currency

The second in-game currency is cash, something we all struggle to appreciate until it’s gone. Cash is predominately used in Idle Tuber to get upgrade cards and get Super Likes. Without cash, it is hard to progress.

Here are the quickest ways to get cash:

  • Open any pack
  • Click the hovering briefcase and watch a video
  • Buy some from the store
  • Complete objectives and level up
  • Like or follow on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Discord

Idle Tuber tips, tricks, and cheats

Being a world-famous YouTuber is harder than it seems, but after reading these tips, you’ll have billions of views in no time.

  • Always create content: in Idle Tuber, you can’t get any views without creating something new for your fans to watch. If your game rooms are sat doing nothing, then you need to press record and get the content pumping
  • Save your Super Likes: Super Likes are integral to moving forward in Idle Tuber. Wasting it is something you will regret, as it is difficult to amass the hundreds of Super Likes needed to upgrade your Tubers
  • Upgrade the best games: when looking at what to upgrade, you need to think about returns. If you visit the room upgrade page, you will see how each room compares to each other by the ‘views/second’ tab. You want this number to be as high as possible for each room. Note rooms with low views per second and save your money by not upgrading them
  • Find a cash cow: getting new games and Tubers is something that will happen just by playing. Upgrading them is down to you. You want to upgrade the rooms that can give you the most views, and the most views per second. Upgrading anything else will come back to haunt you

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