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Incredibox beats - every beat for every version

Our Incredibox beats guide is here to explain every beat including their outfits and sounds. Great gameplay is just a tap away with this raucous rhythm game.

There are few mobile rhythm games as inventive as beatbox building acapella game, Incredibox. Using Incredibox beats, effects, melodies, and voices, you experiment with a lineup of characters, dressing them in outfits which each have different musical effects. This lets you build songs the way you want, adding piece by piece until they are perfect. On top of that, Incredibox has eight different versions, changing those outfits, sounds, and the musical theme for each.

But beats are the foundation of most music, and it’s important to know what sounds each make, and how to recognise them based on their outfits. That’s why we’ve created a list of beats, so you can land on which version you want to play, and find any particular sound you are searching for.

Here are all of the Incredibox beats.

Alpha version beats in Incredibox


Here are the Incredibox beats for version one, Alpha, pictured from left to right:

  • Lead: beatboxes with occasional humming
  • Deux: offbeat beatbox with a helicopter sound
  • Kosh: breathing and tongue clicking sounds
  • Shpok: popping with snare sounds in between
  • Tom: says ‘duggady duddagy duggady du’

Little Miss version beats in Incredibox

Little Miss

Here are the Incredibox beats for version two, Little Miss, pictured from left to right:

  • Boom: wears a zipped jacket and makes a ‘boom boom boom’ sound
  • Kashi: wears a letterman jacket, clicks, inhales through teeth, and makes cymbal sounds
  • Paomeu: wears a hoodie and acid beatboxes, interspersed with clicks
  • Ptttpeu: wears a gilet and beatboxes, with emphasis on cymbal sounds
  • Slupett: wears a pendant and says “du dum bu dum car… dum dum dum’ followed by inhale

Sunrise version beats in Incredibox


Here are the Incredibox beats for version three, Sunrise, pictured from left to right:

  • Ballet: wears headphones and says ‘ch-ka-ch, ch-ka-pchch”
  • Kick: wears a baseball cap and repeats a bass drum sound
  • Snare: wears a record around his neck and makes a snare sound
  • Lead: wears goggles and does standard beatboxing
  • Charley: wears sunglasses and mixes inhaling with cymbal and ‘ka’ sounds

The Love version beats in Incredibox

The Love

Here are the Incredibox beats for version four, The Love, pictured from left to right:

  • Kick: wears a robot helmet and makes a kick drum sound
  • Snare: wears a baseball cap and makes an offbeat ‘pssh’ drum sound
  • Touti: wears a neck scarf and makes ‘doo-di-doo-di’ sounds
  • Charley: wears headphones and makes cymbal tap sounds
  • Chatom: wears a straw hat and says ‘doop-di-di-do-doop’ followed by a sound like a can opening

Brazil version beats in Incredibox


Here are the Incredibox beats for version five, Brazil, pictured from left to right:

  • Poum: wears a hat with a bird on and makes a kick beat sound
  • Creuki: has a star on his cheek and makes a cabasa instrument sound
  • Shaka: wears a headband and mixes cymbal and ‘ka’ sounds
  • Chouk: wears a hat and says ‘chikit tuku chikit tuku’
  • Kaliak: wears a visor hat and says ‘yakakaiya yakeekaiya’
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Alive version beats in Incredibox


Here are the Incredibox beats for version six, Alive, pictured from left to right:

  • Kick: wears a baseball cap with a Japanese flag and makes kick beat sounds with a fast and slow pattern
  • Snare: wears a Happi coat and makes repeated cymbal sounds followed by snare strike
  • Kanye: wears a bear hat and makes a continuous drum beat
  • Tuctuc: wears a mask which clicks as the neck is turned, possible reference to the Kodama in Princess Mononoke
  • Break: wears a blue visor and does a slow drum roll around the kit

Jeevan version beats in Incredibox


Here are the Incredibox beats for version seven, Jeevan, pictured from left to right:

  • Lead: wears a turban and beatboxes, mixing hand drum and cymbal sounds
  • Pouin: wears a bindi on his forehead and makes a ‘chiki-chuku-pouin’ sound
  • Tung: wears beads around his neck and mixes beeping with snare sounds
  • Tabla: wears aviator sunglasses and makes ding sounds
  • Tuduki: wears a pheta and makes a ‘du du kit’ sound

Dystopia version beats in Incredibox


Here are the Incredibox beats for version eight, Dystopia, pictured from left to right:

  • Atlanta: wears a gas mask and mixes an electronic click with a kick beat sound
  • Tuctom: looks like Hal from Space Odyssey and makes electronic drum kit sounds
  • FouBreak: wears a one-eyed mask and does muffled beatboxing with a drumroll
  • Koukaki: wears a glass dome with a pyramid and makes tongue clicking sounds
  • Koungou: wears a face visor and says ‘gukun gukun gukun gukun’

And that’s every beat! You can find Incredibox on Google Play and the App Store.