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Our Incredibox giveaway has now ended

Keep an eye on your emails to see if you were a winner

February 3, 2021: Our Incredibox giveaway has now finished. Keep an eye on your emails to see if you are a winner

Ever feel in the mood to make some music but you’ve got no instruments around? Incredibox is the perfect solution. This mobile beatboxing game lets you mix music by combining beats, effects, melodies, and voices to create any number of unique combinations. All you do is simply drag a symbol onto your lineup of characters and they’ll start making some sweet sounds. There are even eight separate versions, each with their own musical sets and theme.

It’s the perfect game for anyone looking for a little musical distraction, where they can experiment by adding different sounds together. Incredibox also works really well as an idle game, since you can sit back and enjoy your musical creations, occasionally switching it up as you throw a new sample into the mix. Perhaps the most incredible part of all is that every sound you hear in the game is voiced by one man: Paul Malburet (aka Incredible Polo).

We love this music-making game so much, in fact, that we’ve partnered with So Far So Good to give away some Android and iOS copies.

If you want to be in with a chance of winning Incredibox, just fill out the entry sections below for Android or iOS (depending on your platform preference). If you do enter, please also give our terms and conditions a browse.

We’ll send out the codes to our lucky winners next Thursday. If you can’t wait until then to start crafting some music, you can find Incredibox on Google Play and the App Store.