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Tetris Effect, Metal Slug Tactics, Loop Hero, and more announced for Switch

Today's Indie World Showcase had plenty of great reveals

A pixelated garage shows several characters in a car leaving

In today’s Indie World Showcase several new and exciting titles were shown, with many of them announced to be released later today. Some highly anticipated games finally got release dates confirmed for Nintendo Switch, including much-requested ports of Loop Hero, Metal Slug Tactics, and Tetris Effect Connected.

A few expected games got updated release dates, with Chucklefish’s Eastward confirmed to be arriving on September 16th this year, as a timed exclusive console release for Nintendo Switch. Metal Slug Tactics was also confirmed for Switch, with a 2022 release window. One surprise announcement was a new puzzle game from Yacht Club Games and developers Vine, with Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon arriving on Switch this winter.

As always, a few games also got shadow dropped, with some high-profile games available to purchase and play later on today. The science-fiction Metroidvania, Axiom Verge 2, finally arrives after years of development, releasing later today. It’s followed by the releases of Garden Story, Necrobarista: Final Pour, Slime Rancher: Portable Edition and Curious Expedition 2 all also dropping later on today.

Many of the titles revealed also got extended trailers. Watch the latest trailer for Bomb Rush Cyberpunk, the Jet Set Radio spiritual successor coming next year.

The adorable hand-drawn photography game Toem: A Photography Adventure comes to Switch later this year.

Loop Hero from Devolver Digital was finally confirmed for Switch after months of requests, landing later this year.

Axiom Verge 2, the long-awaited sequel to the cult classic Metroidvania, Axiom Verge, was not only shown but will be dropping later today. From solo developer Thomas Happ, watch the latest trailer to see why Metroid fans should pick up this impressive pixelated adventure whilst waiting for Dread.

Metal Slug Tactics, the tactical spin on a 2D classic will come to Switch in 2022.

And after years of requests, Tetris Effect Connected will bring psychedelic puzzle fun to Nintendo Switch on October 8. Notably the same day as both Metroid Dread, and the Nintendo Switch OLED Model. This will certainly be a visual feast on that incredible new screen.

There was plenty more announced today, so you can catch up on everything we missed here by watching the entire Indie World Showcase stream here.