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We might get an iPhone Ultra in 2024

Rumours of a fresh new piece of Apple tech have been circulating, hinting that we may see an iPhone Ultra as early as 2024, though details are sparse

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A recent Bloomberg newsletter from Mark Gurman suggests that Apple is considering bringing out an iPhone Ultra model that trumps both the base and Pro models, and it’s got our heads turning. With Apple already using the Ultra brand for its top-notch M1 processor and the unwaveringly popular Apple Watch, the iPhone Ultra doesn’t seem too far of a stretch – and we may see it come to market as soon as 2024.

However, with fancier hardware and a shiny new label slapped upon it, it should come as no surprise that the iPhone Ultra would come with an even heftier price tag than its predecessors.

In response to this, Gurman cites Tim Cook’s answer to investors regarding the sustainability of the ever-increasing average iPhone price, in which he says people ‘are willing to really stretch to get the best they can afford in that category’. He also lists the iPhone as ‘integral’ to many people’s lives, as they use it to manage their health, control their smart-homes, make payments, and store important sensitive data.

Beyond the lofty name of the iPhone Ultra, we have little to speculate on when it comes to hardware and features, and whether these extra additions will justify the price. However, Gurman suggests that it likely won’t be a folding phone, with him believing that we won’t see a folding iPhone until after 2024 as Apple is currently reportedly concentrating its foldable efforts on larger devices.

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We can theorise that the iPhone Ultra may have a better processor, a larger screen, and improved cameras – with the latter being very plausible as Apple is likely bringing a periscope zoom camera to the iPhone 15 lineup later this year. Beyond that, we’ll have to wait and see whether the fabled iPhone Ultra will live up to its name – and its price – if it does come out in 2024.

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