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iPhone may still get under-display biometrics, though no time soon

While rumours of under-display Touch ID and Face ID biometric tech in upcoming iPhones persist, Apple may not launch it any time soon

iPhone under screen biometrics header showing three iPhones' top halves on a yellow background. In the middle is a locked iPhone with a blue and yellow background, the time, and the date. On the right is the Face ID setup page showing a man's face in a circle. On the right is Apple Pay, with a card and a tick below confirming successful Face ID unlocking.

While competitors adopted under-screen fingerprint sensors years ago, Apple’s biometric technology is still quite traditional. iPhones have either a notch or an island to house the Face ID tech, while some iPads have fingerprint sensors in the lock button.

However, while Apple has probably been researching under-screen fingerprint sensors for around a decade, rumours and patents suggest that research is continuing, if not intensifying, as reported by MacRumors.

With Apple granted a patent for shortwave infrared under-screen fingerprint sensor technology just last week, it would seem the company is pushing forward with the plans, in spite of rumours to the contrary.

Meanwhile, industry consultant Ross Young has suggested that under-screen Face ID won’t come before 2025, as shared on Twitter. The tech is supposedly delayed due to sensor issues.

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In classic Apple fashion, while competitors bring fresh tech to devices speedily, the iPhone maker doesn’t seem too interested in keeping up with others. Still, under-screen biometrics now feel overdue, so delays may not be ideal.

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