Just Cause: Mobile brings explosive multiplayer action to iOS and Android

One of the final surprises of The Game Awards 2020 was, strangely enough, a mobile game. Just Cause: Mobile is a fresh take on Square Enix and Avalanche Software’s third-person shooter series that’s blasting its way towards an iOS and Android launch in the near future.

Its popular predecessors revelled in mayhem and apocalyptic explosions, and there’s plenty more of where that came from in this top-down spinoff. According to its shiny new site, the game serves up a comprehensive mix of single-player and multiplayer action, with both co-op and PVP modes on offer.

The competitive multiplayer element sees 30 players going head-to-head in action-packed bouts, while the co-op portion is mission-based and built for up to four players. Then there’s the full story campaign to get stuck into, which is where long-time fans might feel most at home. That said, Just Cause players have been crying out for a proper multiplayer mode since, oh, 2010’s Just Cause 2.

Notably, Just Cause: Mobile isn’t being developed by series regular Avalanche Studios, with responsibility instead shifting to a new studio led by publisher Square Enix.

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As you might image, the game will be entirely free to play with in-app purchases. Just Cause: Mobile is currently slated to launch for iOS and Android next year, and while we await its arrival, you should really check out this list of the best mobile multiplayer games money can, or in some cases cannot, buy.