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Kingdom Eighties brings the tower defense series forward in time

Kingdom returns, as the soothing tower defense title is shifting through time and it looks fantastic, so when is the Kingdom Eighties release date?

Kingdom Eighties release date: several characters that look like theyre from the 80s are on BMX bikes in a dark and mysterious wood

Kingdom fans we’ve got great news. After a lengthy wait, we finally have details on the Kingdom Eighties release date for consoles, and it’s not far off at all. Already a smash success over on Steam, Kingdom Eighties is the next step in the wordless tower-defense series, and we can’t wait to just enjoy the vibes.

In Kingdom Eithies it looks like the mechanics of the wordless tower-defense series are mashed with Stranger Things, filled with neon fonts, and a ragtag group of kids on BMX bikes trying to save their town. The title’s full name is Kingdom Eighties: Summer of Greed, so it looks like the enemies known as greed will pop through their portals and straight into the decade of Top Gun and leg warmers.

If you just can’t wait to ride around and cause the greed some series grief, then fantastic news. Developer Fury Studios is ready to release Kingdom Eighties for Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, PS5, and Xbox series S/X on October 16, 2023. Plus, you can already pre-order the game for iOS and Android.

When is the Kingdom Eighties release date?

Fury Studios is releasing Kingdom Eighties for Nintendo Kingdom Eighties for Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, PS5, and Xbox series S/X on October 16, 2023.  

Why not have a gander at the new trailer like it’s 1985 and you’re watching The Goonies on a VHS player, and get a feel for the vibe that is Kingdom Eighties?

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