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Too many mouthfuls? Try the new Kirby brand indigestion relief!

Whether you’re stuffed from eating cakes or cars, Kirby brand indigestion relief is here to settle that stomach and make you feel like a real superstar

Custom image of Kirby brand indigestion tablets

We’ve all been there. From wolfing down a quick meal before going out, or eating an entire vending machine before dispersing your contents at unsuspecting animals, indigestion is a nightmare. Fortunately, dream land is just around the corner, with a new range of Kirby brand heartburn and indigestion tablets. 

Whether it’s cooling your tummy after an evening meal with Meta Knight’s Better Nights, or preparing yourself for a big day with Milk of Maxim Tomato, now you can copy Kirby’s ability to eat just about anything you like, whenever you like. There’s even something for the kids too, with Kirby’s Little Mouthfuls in chewy tablet form, a tasty treat that the Waddle Dee in your life is sure to chomp through like a hungry Awoofy. 

For stomachs that just won’t quit, talk to your local chemist about Kirby’s Super Star Supper Saviour, a long-lasting liquid relief that helps break down everyday food groups like bread, dairy, and defenceless enemies. Or, if you find yourself stopping by the little Waddle Dee’s room more times than you’d care to mention, with King Dededeium Plus, it’s back in your court when you want to take to the throne.

So, if you don’t want your favourite eatery to become yet another forgotten land, be sure to check out the whole range of Kirby brand indigestion relief tablets, and you’ll be back to snacking hard and heavy before you know it. Just be wary of how much you use these medications, as side effects can include hair loss, pinkening skin, and the morphing of your body into a single sphere. 

Kirby tablets and cone Kirby custom image

That’s all you need to know about the new range of Kirby indigestion relief medications fresh out of Planet Popstar. If you’re still feeling a little funny after your recommended dosage, why not check out our Kirby and the Forgotten Land review to remind yourself of just what you’re capable of with the spirit of the star-surfer sitting in your stomach.