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Lifeslide flies to Nintendo Switch after success on Apple Arcade

An optimised port of the Apple Arcade title Lifeslide drifts onto Nintendo Switch this spring, bringing a new, relaxing experience with it

Lifeslide Nintendo Switch release: a paper plane flying through nature

Ah, remember folding up paper planes and letting them loose in the classroom? Well, Lifeslide lets you take things a few steps further and puts your pilot abilities to the test. No longer locked to Apple Arcade and PC, Lifeslide is coming to Nintendo Switch very soon.

The game gained recognition on other platforms for its creativity and fun new strategies and Lifeslide is now releasing on Nintendo Switch on April 20, 2023. Dreamteck is the developer behind the port, and it spared no expense and performed a ton of optimisations to make Lifeslide a seamless experience on Switch.

Anyone who wants to show off their abilities can take part in a challenge that starts on release. The best Switch paper plane pilots can earn some cool prizes, so get yourself ready to fly for your life.

There’s more than meets the eye with this game; sure, it may be a game where you float along as a paper plane, but the journey is the important part. Lifeslide has an emotional side to it, as you drift through stages based on the seven stages of life.

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It’s a continuous experience that provides a relaxing atmosphere, but with some challenges thrown in. There’s a weekly leaderboard if you’re feeling competitive, or an even more laid-back zen mode for a chill time.

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