Our Littlewood giveaway has ended

You could snag yourself a physical copy of Littlewood on Nintendo Switch!

A town in Littlewood

Aug 6, 2021: Our Littlewood giveaway is now over. Keep an eye on your inbox to see if you won.

Littlewood is a brand new RPG and town-building sim from Super Rare Games. Kick back and relax as you harvest materials to create a quaint little town, pick up some new hobbies, such as tarot card reading and cooking, or explore enchanted forests, bustling fishing towns, and dark caves.

Only 4,000 copies will ever be printed, these are on sale now, and available worldwide exclusively from superraregames.com. The physical release includes the game, a full-colour manual, interior artwork, an exclusive sticker, and three trading cards randomly selected from the five-card set.

For all those reasons and more, this week we partnered up with Super Rare Games to give away one physical copy of Littlewood on Nintendo Switch! So, if you want to create your own adorable little world, make sure you enter our giveaway down below.

All you need to do to enter our giveaway is fill out the box below. Please note, this giveaway is only open to applicants in the UK! If you do enter, please also check out our terms and conditions.

PT – Littlewood giveaway

We will inform the lucky winner next Thursday. For those of you who want to pick up the game before then, you can grab a copy of Littlewood right now from superraregames.com. Good luck!