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LokiCraft guide: tips, tricks, and cheats

Get all of the best building tips and tricks in our LokiCraft guide

Everyone loves a little building and crafting sometimes, and LokiCraft has that in droves. But sometimes it’s hard to know where to start, or how the game actually works, which is why we’ve created a LokiCraft guide. Whether it’s tips on how to begin, where to download the game in its various forms, or just what the different modes are, our LokiCraft guide has all of the tips and tricks you need.

Not to beat around the bush, but LokiCraft is basically a Minecraft clone, and it’s obvious to anyone who looks at the game. The key difference though, apart from the lack of online play, is that it’s free-to-play. So if you want to play a Minecraft-like and see what all the fuss is about before going full-on Minecraft straight away, then LokiCraft might suit you.

But, just like Minecraft, there are no in-game instructions – you just drop into a world and have to make the best of it. So, hopefully, our LokiCraft guide can give you some tips on how to get started, build, and thrive.

Here’s everything in our lokicraft guide:

Lokicraft download: how to get it on Android

It’s easy to download LokiCraft – here’s how you do it:

  • Head to the LokiCraft Google Play page
  • Press ‘install’ to download the game
  • Wait for it to download
  • Press open to start playing!

Lokicraft apk: how to bypass Android app stores

APKs are useful for downloading manual updates – here’s how you get the LokiCraft APK:

  • Find an APK site that you can trust – APKPure is what we used for this example
  • Search LokiCraft on the APK site
  • Press to download the LokiCraft APK
  • Find it on your device and manually install
  • When it’s done you can start playing!

Lokicraft PC: how to play on the big screen

Here’s how to play LokiCraft on PC:

  • Download Memu Play for your PC
  • Once it downloads, press install
  • Sign in to your Google Play account
  • Search for LokiCraft
  • Click to install it
  • Start playing!

Lokicraft online: can I play with friends?

Playing games online with friends is fun, but unfortunately there’s no way to play LokiCraft online. Unlike Minecraft, the game doesn’t have servers, so you can’t join friends in their own worlds, or build together – you’ve got to go solo!

Minecraft Lokicraft: is Lokicraft related to Minecraft?

LokiCraft is absolutely a Minecraft-like, with a pretty substantial number of similarities to the original game. If you’ve got Minecraft experience, LokiCraft should come easily to you. But LokiCraft is not an official Minecraft game, and, though it’s free, it is missing some of Minecraft’s aspects, like online play.

lokicraft 2: what is the sequel?

LokiCraft has a second game called LokiCraft 2, though it’s not entirely clear from playing it, or the store page, what the difference between the first and the second is. Both games feature the same Minecraft-esque crafting system and the two separate modes.

Lokicraft tips, tricks, and cheats

It’s difficult to play at first, as you work out how the world works, so here are some LokiCraft tips, tricks, and cheats:

  • Pick your world: if you just want to build, get free resources, and have a bit of fun, then pick Creative Mode. If you want more of a survival experience, pick Survival Mode
  • Remember to eat: in Survival Mode you have to eat to sustain yourself. You can get food by hunting animals, or by growing crops
  • Harvesting: the basic way you interact with blocks in the game is by pressing down on them – this breaks them down into materials that you can craft with. This is also the same way you attack hostile creatures
  • Bump in the night: in Survival Mode, monsters come out at night and may become hostile if you go near them, so keep your distance unless you’re armed with weapons
  • Build a house: even if you can’t make the fanciest house ever, build a basic shelter as quickly as possible, so you’re safe for the first night of Survival Mode
  • Free-to-play Minecraft: LokiCraft doesn’t have as many features as Minecraft, and it has a picture ad that pops up every five minutes or so, but it is free-to-play. If money is a barrier to Minecraft, LokiCraft might be a suitable substitute

And those are our tips! If you want to get LokiCraft on Android, see our ‘download’ section a little ways up the page. If you also want some other great games to play, see our list of the best Android games, or our best mobile RPGs list!