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Mario and friends speed into 2023 in the Mario Kart Tour New Years eve

Rev up your engines because the 2023 New Year’s event for Mario Kart Tour will start off the next year with a bang (of a starting pistol)

Mario Kart Tour New Year's Tour: Builder Mario and Builder Luigi jumping from their karts, hammers in hand, smiling. Behind them is a floating racetrack.

As the Holiday Tour comes to a close, the next event to hit Mario’s mobile kart racer is the Mario Kart Tour New Year’s Tour. This is the fourth New Year’s event in the game’s history, and it follows a similar structure to previous years.

The New Year’s Tour starts on December 28, 06:00 GMT/December 27, 22:00 PST and features new kart elements and seasonal variations to existing tracks.

Following the pattern of the previous years’ New Year events, a 2023-themed glider will be available for you to purchase. This year’s glider is themed around gold helium celebration balloons, reading ‘2023’ and surrounded by stars.

You can check out the trailer for the New Year’s Tour below.

YouTube Thumbnail

Nintendo has also announced that a Black Mii Racing Suit will also be available during the New Year’s event.

That’s everything we know about the New Year’s event for Mario Kart Tour. Why not check out Pocket Tactics’ favourite Mario snow levels?