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Mario Kart fans share their predictions for Wave 4 DLC

Mario Kart Wave 4 DLC predictions on Reddit imagine what classic tracks may come to the megahit Nintendo Switch racing game in the future

Mario Kart Wave 4 DLC header showing Mario, a man in blue dungarees and red hat, in a futuristic go kart that's red too and has an M on it. Mario is fist aloft celebrating, superimposed on a blurred yellow orange and green background.

While we stay waiting for the release of the Mario Kart Wave 4 DLC, predictions on Reddit make a wishlist of classic MK tracks that fans want to come to the Nintendo Switch’s best-selling game. And who can blame them? There are a lot of great tracks to choose from.

The post on Reddit that’s causing a stir – mainly because it looks like a believable list of tracks – has dozens of comments discussing what fans want to see. With Amsterdam Drift, Riverside Park, Airship Fortress, Yoshi’s Island, Singapore Speedway, Daisy Cruiser, DK Summit, and Los Angeles Laps, it’d be a great package if it came true.

The believability of the lineup was the main thing that surprised people, with one user saying “Does your dad work at Nintendo because this looks exactly like a real lineup?” The original poster replied, “My uncle, actually.” This gave me a good chuckle.

Mario Kart Wave 4 DLC prediction

You can check out the mocked-up Mario Kart Wave 4 DLC prediction below, and join me in wishing that these waves of MK updates weren’t temporary. They should just keep making them forever.

My prediction for Wave 4: Good or cringe? from mariokart

That’s all for the Mario Kart Wave 4 DLC prediction. For more, check out our Mario Kart characters guide.