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Mario Halloween costumes are coming out for the spooky season

The Mario Halloween costumes are on the way for all the fancy dress parties, with some going the extra mile to deliver a smile dressed up as Jumpman

Custom image of Mario in a spooky pumpkin Halloween pumpkin outift for Mario Halloween costume news

It’s that time of year again when the Mario Halloween costumes can come out of the closet and turn your local bar or club into a who’s who of Mushroom Kingdom’s famous faces. Ok, so maybe you’re more likely to see a swathe of Jokers and Harley Quinns, but that doesn’t mean that the moustachioed plumber isn’t still a go-to costume for plenty, with some going to extra mile to make it work.

Of course, with it being the season, many are sharing their Mario Halloween costumes on Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, and just about anywhere else to impress the legions of Nintendo fans who appreciate a good cosplay. There are also plenty of Mario-inspired pumpkin carvings out there, with spooky boos, classic power-up mushrooms, and even Mario’s iconic face cut into the big autumnal veggies.

The classic red and blue dungaree outfit is of course the most popular option for those looking for Mario Halloween costumes, quite often with a Luigi on hand to make the double act work. However, we’ve seen a growing number of attempts at Princess Peach, Bowser, Donkey Kong, and Toad dress-up with the characters more in the cultural consciousness than ever before thanks to the upcoming Mario movie release date.

Still, our award for Mario Halloween costumes of the year has to go to the Boston Bruins, Boston’s NHL team, for dressing as the full Mario crew while attending the team’s annual hospital visit. These visits already bring a special something to those going through a hard time, and we can only assume it brought a smile to the face of those expecting their favourite hockey team, only to meet Mario, Luigi, and the rest of the roster instead.

Screenshot of the Boston Bruins heading to a children's hospital ward in Mario Halloween costumes

One of the players from the Bruins, youngster Jeremy Swayman and Bowser for the day, told NHL.com “We’re super excited about this. It’s really special to be in the community and see people firsthand and we did the best we could last year with COVID and being over Zoom”. You thought Christmas was wholesome? Try Halloween.

There you have it, our favourite Mario Halloween costumes of this spooky season. For more treats than tricks, get yourself something new to play with by checking out our picks of the best portable gaming consoles.