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Mario movie brings Danny DeVito in to replace Pratt

Danny DeVito is set to replace Christ Pratt in the Mario movie for the special Blu-ray release, bringing a different voice to the classic plumber.

Danny DeVito in a vest looking sweaty with glasses and bald top of head on a sofa, with a black cartoon moustache superimposed over the top.

April 2, 2023: Heads up! Danny DeVito is not playing Mario – this article was an April Fools prank!

Illumination and Nintendo have heard the fans and brought in Danny DeVito to replace Chris Pratt in the upcoming Super Mario Bros. Movie. This close to release, however, Devito’s lines will only appear in the R-rated, uncensored cut shown in select theatres and on Blu-ray.

The reason for the higher age rating on DeVito’s outing as everyone’s favourite moustachioed plumber is a simple one – Illumination decided to draw on many of DeVito’s classic lines from his countless characters, some of which are a little blue. For example, instead of Mario’s classic “mamma mia”, we have a gruff-voiced “magnum dong” to deal with every time something goes wrong

The uncensored Blu-ray version is also set to feature director’s commentary from Shigeru Miyamoto and Danny DeVito, revealing behind-the-scenes snippets of the pair’s time working together. Since they were such fast friends, the pair have plans for a Birdo cameo in an upcoming season of It’s Always Sunny, plus Dennis Reynold’s own Glen Howerton starring as Tingle in a new Zelda anime.

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