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Reddit celebrates Mario Odyssey’s fifth anniversary on Nintendo Switch

Mario Odyssey’s fifth anniversary for Nintendo Switch has rolled around already, with Reddit users celebrating five years of Mario and Cappy’s adventures

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Can you believe it’s Mario Odyssey’s fifth anniversary already? It feels like it was just yesterday that we met Cappy for the first time in Cap Kingdom, conquered the dragon in Ruined Kingdom, and met up with Princess Peach and Bowser on the moon for a final confrontation – well, until the next game anyway.

Still, whether you’re willing to accept it or not, five years have indeed come and gone, and the best thing to do is accept it and celebrate the good times. That’s what Reddit is doing for Mario Odyssey’s fifth anniversary anyway, with users sharing their treasured memories from Mario’s 3D comeback and popping in the cartridge to turn back the years.

As you might expect, there’s plenty of fan art to celebrate the milestone, including a colourful re-imagining of Mario’s Wedding Crashers moment and a fireball Mario mid-capture. There are also plenty of memes, as you might expect for Reddit, with the general theme being “feel old yet?”. Yes, yes we do.

The Mario Odyssey fifth anniversary celebrations certainly make for a nice break from the myriad of memes and complaints, mainly the latter, aimed towards Chris Pratt through Reddit’s Mario portal. Unfortunately, Mario Odyssey’s fifth anniversary is just today, so I’m sure we’ll be back to hot takes and cruel memes before no time.

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There you have it, all you need to know about Mario Odyssey’s fifth anniversary. For more on Nintendo’s favourite plumber, check out our Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope review.