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Pedro Pascal stars in new Merge Mansion short film trilogy

The Merge Mansion short film trilogy reveals some new information for fans on what’s next for the mobile game, with a little help from Pedro Pascal.

Merge Mansion short film Pedro Pascal: Pedro Pascal dressed as a police detective wearing a white button-up shirt, grey and black tie, and a leather gun holster on his back. He has one hand on his hip and is standing in front of a blurred conspiracy board filled with newspaper clippings, red string, and post-it notes.

Hot off the success of The Last of Us and The Mandalorian, Pedro Pascal adds starring in the Merge Mansion short film to his impressive acting career. This latest series of shorts brings the mystery of Merge Mansion into the real world and gives us some hints as to what could be coming in the mobile game’s milestone update later this month.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Merge Mansion video without providing a sense of mystery. Pedro Pascal takes on the role of Detective Tim Rockford as he investigates the Boulton family across three unique cuts of the short film. Director Martin Werner said, “this campaign has been a dream project for me. Getting the opportunity to translate the Merge Mansion game into a mockumentary short gave the crew and I the opportunity to flex all our filmic muscles.”

Pascal said, “making this short film for Merge Mansion was truly a unique experience and I had so much fun working with Martin to fulfil his vision and bring the lore of Merge Mansion to life.” As well as these shorts, Metacore are transforming the famous Paramour Estate in Los Angeles, California into the Boulton family mansion for an immersive, lore-filled theatre experience that fans won’t soon forget.

All three parts of the trilogy – A Twisted Game, Think Like a Grandma, and A Recipe To Die For – are out now on the Merge Mansion YouTube channel. Make sure to watch all three to get the full story.

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When is the Merge Mansion milestone update?

The milestone update for Merge Mansion is available now after releasing on March 28, 2023. So be sure to jump into the game to check out all the latest content, including a new character, over 150 fresh merge tasks, and after a long wait, access to the mysterious Boulton family mansion. Perhaps an answer to Grandma Ursula’s mystery might be right around the corner. 

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