Minecraft Earth update: Boost Minis are cute miniatures with in-game perks

Stay up to date on all the changes coming to Minecraft Earth

New content is always coming to the world of Minecraft Earth, whether in the form of new mobs to befriend – or more likely run away from – or new in-game features. As every new version of Minecraft Earth’s early access beta surfaces, the game becomes more filled with fun stuff for you to do. Minecraft Earth also has a variety of new introductions to make it easier for you to play indoors, so there really is no better time than now to get involved.

Whether you want to construct amazing creations with your friends placing them life size in the real world, explore the secrets which are waiting to be discovered in your house and neighborhood, or fraternise with the local fauna and flora, we’ve got you covered.

This guide will keep you informed about all the changes coming to Minecraft Earth, be they new challenges to complete, beasties to find, or updates to your character. Let us lead you through all of Minecraft Earth’s updates, so you can enjoy the game to the fullest.

Here are the latest Minecraft earth updates:

Minecraft earth releases boost minis

Minecraft Earth has released a new range of miniatures in partnership with Mattel called Boost Minis. “What does a miniature have to do with a game though?” you may ask. Well, Minecraft Earth Boost Minis grant in-game perks, specifically, boosts!

These mini buffs range from extra experience and more health, to reduced crafting time, and increased range for adventures and tappables. You also receive a dose of experience each time you scan a new figure, meaning there’s value in collecting them too.

There are 20 different miniatures all-in-all, from zombies to mob creatures, and you can equip five at any one time. If you equip two of the same kind, however, it doesn’t stack but simply doubles the effect’s duration. Neat, huh? There’s an 18 hour cooldown on equipping the figures, so be sure to take that into account when using them!

Patch 0.20: two new mobs and a fourth challenge season

It’s that time again, and Minecraft Earth has added a new update, bringing a variety of content to the block based world. Update 0.20 continues the progression of the challenge seasons, adding a fourth, known as ‘Dark Forest’. As usual, these challenges grant new items for your character if you can complete them. Here’s a complete overview of what the update brings:

  • Two new mobs have arrived in game – Vanilla Squid and Albino Cow
  • The fourth challenge season, Dark Forest, has begun
  • Epic Buildplates and Large Biome Buildplates are now available to purchase in store
  • You can also now split stacks in your hotbar, allowing you a lot more control over your inventory

And that’s the long and the short of it! Not a great deal of change in this one, but new mobs are a welcome addition as always. If you want to join the fun, you can grab Minecraft Earth right now on the App Store or Google Play.

Update 0.19: mobs of Inky Sheep and a third challenge season

A new update dropped for Minecraft Earth today! Update 0.19 has plenty in store for all you adventurers, with new mobs, season challenges, and epic adventure crystals. But what are epic adventure crystals? Well, as you perhaps imagined, these shiny gems will let you undertake epic adventures, so be prepared if you plan on using them.

A new season of challenges also dropped, dubbed ‘Adventure’, which does seem to be the theme of this update. Complete them all and they’ll be some special rewards waiting for you. Here are some of the other things coming in the Minecraft Earth update:

  • Find the latest EWE-nique sheep to join the herd, Inky Sheep!
  • Have a hopping good time finding the new Harelequin Rabbit! Yep, you read that right, HARE! Because, you know, it’s a rabbit!
  • Things just got more a-peel-ing! You should now be able to find apples more often!
  • Concrete and concrete powder are now available (starting Thursday 6/4)!
  • Exciting new customizations can be found in journal rewards for collecting 5 rabbits and 5 sheep!

Whoever writes Minecraft Earth’s updates really loves their puns, eh? Not that we’d ever hold that against them. Alongside a smattering of bug fixes, that rounds out this update’s inclusions. Short and sweet! You can find the patch notes for this and any other Minecraft Earth update on their website.

update 0.18: midnight chicken mobs and a second season of challenges

The new R18 update for Minecraft Earth brings a tonne of new stuff to the game, optimising it for faster loading times, but also offering new Epic Adventures, alongside animated buildplate previews.

The second season of challenges has also opened, letting you earn rewards for your character, as well as collect stickers for the player journal – which was introduced in the previous update.

Here’s a brief overview of all the big changes:

  • Danger and all its rewards await you in new Epic Adventures! Are you up to the task?
  • GET TO THA CHOPPA! Er, Adventure! Get straight into the action with faster Adventure load times.
  • See the riches that await you at the end of your next Adventure – players can view what items are included in Adventure chests as they play.
  • Buildplate previews are animated and have shiny new description pages in the store.
  • Collect stickers in the Player Journal to earn rewards!
  • Challenge Season 2 is now playable – complete all the Challenges to unlock some pretty awesome new items for your character.
  • Embrace the night, or at least this amazing new Mob variant, the Midnight Chicken!

You can find the full patch notes on the Minecraft Earth website, including a variety of bug fixes. All-in-all it’s a pretty decent dose of content, moving Minecraft Earth a little ways further to leaving early access. We don’t know about you, but we’re gonna go searching for some elusive Midnight Chickens.

Update 0.17: a new season challenge system

Minecraft Earth’s 0.17 update has introduced a new season-based challenge system to the game, with building, crafting, and collecting based goals to grant unique rewards. The update also brings some more changes to buildplates, letting you load full-sized ones from links. Here’s the full list of changes:

  • Are you up for a Challenge? Build, craft, and collect your way through the all-new Season Challenge system to earn exclusive rewards:
  • Sign-in for daily Challenges while the Season is active.
  • Some Tappables contain additional Challenges for you to conquer.
  • If you’re feeling fancy, complete the entire Season for exclusive Character Creator rewards.
  • Season Challenges are only around for a limited time, so don’t dally!
  • Calling all completionists! Keep track of the blocks, items, and Mobs you’ve collected in the new Player Journal.
  • Bigger is sometimes better. You’re now able to load Buildplates in full-size from shared links.
  • A fancy new night themed Buildplate can now be found in store. Own the night!
  • A number of new Adventures have arrived to challenge your might.

New Mobs

A selection of new beasties added to the game:

  • Amber Chicken
  • Stormy Chicken
  • Sunset Cow
  • Ashen Cow
  • Piebald Pig
  • Pale Pig
  • Flecked Sheep
  • Rocky Sheep
  • Vested Rabbit
  • Muddy Foot Rabbit

If you want to know all the changes – including bug fixes – that update 0.17 makes, you can find the patch notes here. Happy Minecrafting!

0.16 UPDATE: buildplate sharing

Minecraft Earth’s new update features highly-requested buildplate sharing, all-new adventures, and a brand new animal: the adorable spotted pig. There’s also a bunch of bug fixes and performance improvements, which probably won’t come as any surprise to you.

So how does buildplate sharing work? Well, they can view your buildplate in play mode in two different sizes: tabletop or life-size. While viewing it, they can interact with your buildplate. Friends can break and build stuff while interacting, but nothing they do is saved permanently. We’ve all got that friend, so this measure will keep your buildplate safe from them but still allow you to show off your creations.

Elsewhere, there are brand new adventures to participate in. These are miniature Minecraft worlds that you’ll find on the real-world map that allow you to fight mobs, dig deep underground, and find valuable treasure. Adventures typically house the rarest materials, so they’re worth participating in often, and having new ones to participate in is all of the motivation you need to dig in.

You may also encounter the new spotted pig mob, which is a brand new tappable. These are exactly as they sound: items that you can tap on while exploring the Minecraft version of your real-world map. They shower you with rewards for doing so, though we’d argue that finding an adorable spotted pig is reward enough.

Lastly, we’re going to include the list of bug fixes in a bullet point list, because we’re cool like that:

  • Mobs now make splash sounds when walking through water
  • Desert rabbits will now display as yellow, rather than brown, in the buildplate preview
  • Ocelots now attack chickens immediately
  • The melon golem’s knockback ability has been nerfed, and will no longer push mobs so far away. Its face will now also return to normal once a mob has been killed or returned to your inventory
  • Uncommon and rare adventures will now provide the correct adventure chest rewards
  • You’ll now receive an error message on the adventure crystal screen if it fails to activate
  • Various performance improvements

And that’s it. Not a huge update, by any means, but exciting nonetheless.

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