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Minecraft Earth update: Patched Sheep and Season 11

Stay up to date with new mobs, buildplates, and challenges in our Minecraft Earth update guide

Minecraft Earth players

October 07, 2020: We’ve added the latest info on Minecraft Earth update 0.27.

There’s always another Minecraft Earth update coming to the location-based game, but sometimes it can be hard to hear about it. This isn’t a massive game, and changes often drop fairly quietly, adding new mobs, buildplates, and challenges. Sometimes you might not hear about a Minecraft Earth update. For those of you playing the game, it’s important to know what new content is on the way.

That’s why we’ve decided to create a Minecraft Earth update guide. No matter whether it’s a new challenge season, a fresh in-game feature, or a new buildplate to get DIY with, we’re going to round up every Minecraft Earth update, and put them all together in one handy place. Pretty smart, eh?

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Here is the latest Minecraft earth update:

Minecraft Earth update 0.27

Minecraft Earth update 0.27 has now landed, introducing plenty of fresh content to get stuck into:

  • Mobs: Mojang has added a new sheep variant – the Patched Sheep
  • Pistons: new pistons and sticky pistons are now available
  • Season 11: Redstone is coming, so prepare to build new mechanical contraptions, complete fresh challenges, and earn neat rewards


Minecraft Earth update 0.24 has dropped with a new mob and a fresh season for you to enjoy. Here’s what it brings:

  • Mobs: the Cookie Cow is a new mob addition to Minecraft Earth
  • Challenges: season eight is called Badlands, and brings plenty of new challenges
  • Blocks: the Carved Pumpkin and the Jack ‘o Lantern are new blocks
  • Levelling: you now get rewards every time you level up

And that’s all the changes! We hope you enjoy the new update.

minecraft earth update 0.23

It’s that time again, and we’ve got another Minecraft Earth update for you! Minecraft Earth update 0.23 brings the regular content dose of mobs and challenges, but also some new stuff:

  • Mobs: welcome the Bronzed Chicken to the world of Minecraft Earth
  • Challenges: season seven is called Farm to Table! Keep an eye out for it in-game
  • Adventures: more adventures added to the game – use those adventure crystals to find them!
  • Crafting Tables: get crafty with the new crafting tables
  • Furnaces: get smelty with the new furnaces. Both the Crafting Tables and Furnaces let you craft and smelt more stuff! Here’s how much they’ll cost you:

crafting table

  • 2nd Slot – 380 Rubies
  • 3rd Slot – 630 Rubies


  • 2nd Slot – 260 Rubies
  • 3rd Slot – 480 Rubies

We hope you enjoy the new Minecraft Earth update. As ever, stay safe and have fun!


The Minecraft Earth update 0.22 has launched, with its usual variety of mobs, buildplates, and challenges. Here’s what’s new:

  • Mobs: the Pink Footed Pig has arrived, and can be found in tappables
  • Challenges: season six is called Tundra! Keep an eye out for the new rewards
  • Adventure time: new adventures have arrived and can be accessed with Adventure Crystals

 A little one this week, but still some new stuff to try!

minecraft earth update 0.21

A new Minecraft Earth update is here! Update 0.21 brings some little bits and pieces. Here’s what it adds:

  • Mobs: the Rainbow Sheep arrives in-game
  • Challenges: season five is called Color, and brings new rewards
  • Buildplates: a Rainbow Sheep Buildplate called Colourful Cottage is available, where you can craft with colour and wool
  • Shears: this tool can now be used to collect cobwebs, leaves, and flowers

Minecraft earth update: boost minis

Minecraft Earth has released a range of miniatures in partnership with Mattel called Boost Minis. Here’s what you need to know about Minecraft Earth Boost Minis:

  • Boost Minis buff the player using them – with more health, reduced crafting time, and increased range for tappables
  • You get an experience boost every time you purchase and scan a new figure
  • There are 20 different minis to collect, ranging through most mob creatures
  • You can equip five at any one time, with an 18 hour cooldown for changing them

Minecraft earth update 0.20

It’s that time again! Minecraft Earth update 0.20 has dropped, bringing plenty of new content to the block based world. Here’s what it added:

  • Mobs: Vanilla Squid and Albino Cow have arrived
  • Challenges: the fourth season, Dark Forest, has begun
  • Buildplates: Epic Buildplates and Large Biome Buildplates are available for purchase
  • Hotbar: you can now split stacks in your hotbar

Short and sweet, just how we like it.

If you want to play yourself, you can find Minecraft Earth on Google Play and the App Store! You can read the patch notes for yourself on the Minecraft Earth website.