Money Buster! guide: tips, tricks, and cheats

Get all the best tips with our Money Buster! guide

Do you like money? Do you enjoy the crispness of a new note? Or the jingle of a pocketful of coins? Then our Money Buster! guide might very well be for you. The main objective of the game is to catch out crafty counterfeiters, trying to sneak their fake money into your wallet – but they chose the wrong fool to mess with. In each level you’ll be presented with a stack of notes, some of which are fake, and some of which are real. It’s your job to find out.

Using your trusty ultra-violet light and magnifying glass, you’ll have to examine note after note, checking for the tiniest imperfection, and then placing them either in the pile, or in the shredder.

But there are tonnes of other mini-games in Money Buster! too, such as taking notes and tossing them into a moving shredder, fitting comically sized bills into a briefcase, or simply sorting notes into their respective numbers and colours. We’re here to teach you the tricks to success in all of the mini-games with our Money Buster! guide.

Everything in our Money Buster! guide:


Here’s how to download Money Buster!:

  • Head to the Money Buster! Google Play page, or the App Store page
  • Press ‘install’ to download the game for Google Play , or ‘Get’ on the App store
  • Wait for it to download
  • Press open to start playing!


These can be useful to update Android when you want, so here’s how you download the Money Buster! APK:

  • Find an APK site that you can trust – APKPure is what we used for this example
  • Search Money Buster! on the APK site
  • Press to download the Money Buster! APK
  • Find it on your device and manually install
  • When it’s done you can start playing!


Here’s what you need to play Money Buster! on PC:

  • Download Memu Play for your PC
  • Once it downloads, press install
  • Sign in to your Google Play account
  • Search for Money Buster!
  • Click to install it
  • Start playing!

money buster! game: how to play Money buster!

There is no sure fire way to win at Money Buster, since there are so many different mini-games that you have to complete when playing. But as with many other mobile games, the key to success is getting points, which you gain by accomplishing the objective of each mini-game, and by doing it well. Whether that’s cutting notes cleanly, or matching notes together – each task well performed nets you extra points.


Money Buster! tips, tricks, and cheat

Here’s all the Money Buster! tips and tricks you’re going to need, covering every mini-game it has to offer:

finding fake money

This is the main mode of the game and basically involves you finding which notes are real and which are crafty counterfeits:

  • First, use your magnifying glass to check to see if there are any visible imperfections on the note
  • Move onto your ultra violet light to look for invisible imperfections
  • If you found some, shred it
  • If there weren’t any you could see, stack it on the pile for points!

stacking money

By far the simplest mode in the game, so is easy to get through:

  • A stack of notes appears in front of you
  • Stack that note into a pile based on its colour and currency denomination
  • Simple, eh?

money briefcase

This is a mini-game which is a little like Tetris, but easy to get the hang of:

  • Stacks of different sized notes appear in front of you
  • Your goal is to fit them into the briefcase
  • Small notes go into the small gaps, big into the big

matching notes

This mini-game is all about memory, and involves you matching note types to eliminate them from the board:

  • A table full of hidden notes is presented to you
  • You tap them to flip each over, trying to match them
  • The key is memory, so even if you get a combo wrong, you know where it is for next time

Money Shoot

In this game you have to catch notes falling from a shoot suspended above you:

  • Your job is to stop money from falling by catching it in a cup
  • You can move the cup from side to side
  • Just like space invaders, the key to mode is predicting where the next money is going to fall


This is a reaction speed based mini-game so you have to be speedy to get it right first time:

  • Your objective is to light a match and burn the pile of money
  • A bar appears with a slider moving up and down
  • You need to tap when the slider is in the green to light it
  • If you fail, fear not, as the green zone gets bigger each time

PRICe match

In this game, you have to buy an item using the correct notes:

  • An item appears in front of you with a price tag on it
  • You must match the price tag using the notes you have
  • For example, if it’s 170, you use a 100, a 20, and a 50

falling money

For this one you have to make sure money falls into the briefcase and not the shredder:

  • By carefully removing platforms holding the money in place, you can cause it to fall
  • By removing the right ones, you can get the money to drop into the briefcase, and avoid the shredder

Tossing Rolls

In this game, you must land money in a shredder:

  • The shredder moves from side to side, so wait until it stops to throw your roll of money
  • Use the targeting arc that appears to land it in the shredding grill

Ironing Money

Everyone loves a nice crisp bill, and so you need to iron them in this mini-game:

  • Take a crumpled note and place it in front of you
  • Get the iron and run it over the whole note
  • Drag the note into the pile to stack it and get points

Sorting the Vault

This mini-game is all about matching the right valuable to the right part of the vault based upon colour. It can be completed following this easy formula:

  • Blue: This is the section for diamonds
  • Gold: This is the section for – you guessed it – gold bars
  • Purple: This is the section for notes
  • Red: This is the section for nothing, and should be empty by the end

Cutting Notes

In the old days they used to cut out printed notes by hand, and you’re going to be doing the same in this mini-game:

  • Your job is to slice the notes cleanly as they run under your blade on a conveyor belt
  • Just like the burning money mini-game, it’s all about reaction speed and timing
  • You might get it wrong the first few times, but after working out the timing you’ll be fine

And that’s all the games! Hopefully this guide gives you success in all your money related endeavors. If you want to try it out, you can find Money Buster! on the App Store.